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   Chapter 1247 Going Back To The Central Region

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When the tremor stopped, many of the creatures were still in a daze, doubt etched on their faces.

"It stopped just like that? What is going on? Weren't the Celestial Position warriors taking the Tower of Sin away?"

"Is this happening because they don't have the strength to take it away?"


After quite a few minutes of speculation, they finally understood that the Tower of Sin hadn't been taken away, and that the tower was now in its complete form.

But in this process, they had learned an important piece of information—the Tower of Sin could exist on the Sea God Continent for only three hundred years. The Celestial Position members would take it away after the period was up.

Creatures on the Sea God Continent were both relieved and worried at the news. The fact that the Celestial Position race was willing to give them a buffer was already a great favor.

It was said that this buffer period had been granted because Zen had agreed to certain conditions of the Celestial Position race.

What was more, the Celestial Position warriors had set up two transmission arrays in the Tower of Sin. One was connected to the Purple Heart Sacred Place, and the other to the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place. This way the Demon Night and human race could have greater control over the Tower of Sin. After all, once the war lords of the other races became war sages, they would have to use one of these transmission arrays to go between the tower and the outside world if they wanted to continue cultivating in the tower.

Once the Eight-diagram Wheel had flown back to the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, Zen pulled his soul out of his puppet. He smiled as he looked at it, an almost exact replica of himself. He said to Hank, "Can I keep this puppet?"

"No problem," Hank said with a laugh.

Hank might not be the strongest among the seven people of the Celestial Position race, but he knew a lot of things. He spoke rarely, but his straightforward character had impressed Zen.

Zen put the puppet, an incredible likeness of a Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior, into his space ring.

The Celestial Position warriors had had only one purpose in coming to the Sea God Continent: to take away the Tower of Crystal. But once it was confirmed that Zen had actually obtained the golden title of Celestial Position, he had helped the Sea God Continent warriors ask a great favor of the Celestial Position race.

That was not to say that Zen was against joining the Celestial Position race. Although Brianna had called this race a crazy one, they were still a neutral force compared to the other forces in

heir race about Zen, and others would take over. After that, they would continue to deal with the Evil Dragon. Minutes later, they activated the transmission imprint on the Divine Emperor Island and headed towards the continent.

As he watched the Celestial Position warriors disappear, Zen thought, 'I think the Celestial Position race has a dispute with Master Derek and Marine.' But he merely shrugged since it had nothing to do with him.

He suddenly felt a sense of relaxation spread through his entire body.

From the moment he had begun cultivating, time had been like a giant rock pressing against him, constantly pushing him forward. There were still things that he had to do, like helping Lavender recover her status and finding his sister.

But these were still far beyond his reach, and he couldn't accomplish them in a short period of time. For example, the young man who had taken Yan away was unimaginably stronger than Zen. Even now, with his current strength, Zen had no doubt that that young man could kill him a thousand times over with just a single glance. Even this great world might not be able to withstand his attack.

So this was a rare moment of relaxation for Zen.

He took a look around the Heavenly Stellar Palace. The hall was already empty. Letitia should have returned to the Cloud Hall once she had recovered. 'Would Margaret have followed Letitia back to the Cloud Hall?' he thought.

Just as he thought this, he saw a hefty guy flying over. It was Dillon, one of the three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance. The moment he saw Zen, Dillon broke out in a sweat as he shouted, "Zen, you're finally back! Something terrible has happened! They're fighting!"

Zen was curious. "They're fighting? Who?"

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