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   Chapter 1246 Activate The Tower Of Crystal

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The entire grand era had been initiated by the heavens. Because of that, the heavens knew the fate of everyone living in the worlds like the back of its hand.

It also meant that it was in control of everything—how and when a person would come into and leave the world, when would he or she laugh, when would he or she cry...

However, there would always be accidents that would create exceptions from this rule. Throughout time, there were people who had fates that were not under the control of the heavens.

In other words, the heavens could not calculate and foresee when and how these people would be born, and it had no idea how their fates would play out in the future.

Zen looked extremely stunned. Even the cyan dragon in his mind was caught off-guard, and couldn't do anything but sigh. "Alas! I never thought that I would ever feel inferior to this human girl. Zen, even the heavens doesn't know anything about your future."

Yolande slowly stood up and said, "That's why I hadn't tried to change Zen's mind when he appeared and obtained the golden title of Celestial Position. As for you, people from the Celestial Position race, if you decided to persuade Zen to join you, I will not intervene. However, you cannot do anything to Klein, who just obtained the silver title of Asura."

The seven members of the Celestial Position race were all silent. In their eyes, Zen had already become an anomaly.

Max turned to look at Zen and asked, "Are you willing to join our Celestial Position race?" He believed that regardless of whether the heavens could tell Zen's fate or not, since Zen had the golden title of Celestial Position, they could not afford to let him go. If they did, the Celestial Position's upper echelons would find out, and it would mean a huge trouble for all of them.

Zen thought for a moment, his thick brows furrowed. He then smiled and said, "I don't seem to have any other choice."

Woody sneered, "It seems like you have a clear estimation of yourself and your abilities."

"Well, no one could see through my fate," Zen replied, smiling. "Joining the Celestial Position race doesn't sound like a bad thing, but I have a request." With that, the expression on his face suddenly changed.

"What request?" Max asked.

"I need you to keep the Tower of Crystal on the Sea God Continent for 500 years."

Zen had his mind made up since the very beginning. The tower was extremely important to the many races that resided on the Sea God Continent, especially the humans and the Demon Night.

Even though the threat from the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place would probably disappear in the near future, the Purple Heart Sacred Place hadn't fully developed yet. If he let the Celestial Position memb

that? The Tower of Sin belongs to the Sea God Continent!"

"Although I am also very unwilling, according to the legends, this tower does belong to the Celestial Position race. Taking something that belongs to them could not be considered as overbearing, right?"

"But then again, so what if we are unwilling? Have you heard? Those people are at the Spirit Supreme Realm! Do you know what the spirit Supreme Realm is? It is a realm even higher than the Soul Sea Realm. They could destroy our sacred places with a snap of their fingers!" Actually, even the guy himself didn't know what the Spirit Supreme Realm was. He only knew that the Spirit Supreme Realm warriors were much more powerful than the Soul Sea Realm ones.

Under the gaze of many creatures, the entire Tower of Sin suddenly began to shake violently.


The buildings in the surrounding villages began to shake as well. It was as if there was a small earthquake. Some of the weaker houses even collapsed in the middle of what was happening.

"Will they... will they make the Tower of Sin fly away?" someone muttered.

Under the constant tremors, the tail of the Tower of Sin began to stretch continuously.

The giant tower then started to act like a living being. With this extension, it grew taller in front of everyone's eyes. The tower's first floor quickly rose into the air. The two giant warriors guarding the door could only stand on the ground in a daze.

Flying was prohibited within the Cursed Land, so no matter what happened, no one dared to fly.

The tremor lasted for about an hour. After that, the section of the tower that was above the ground had significantly elongated, reaching a height of 16 floors. As for the underground section, it maintained a height of 14 floors.

Delroy fulfilled his promise and fully activated the Tower of Sin.

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