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   Chapter 1245 A Man Without Destiny

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Actually, Max wanted to say something to Klein.

According to Celestial Position conventions and rules, all warriors who managed to receive a title from the Talent Tablet would be invited to join. That was regardless of race.

Now that Klein had obtained the silver Asura title, Max was naturally going to invite him to join his clan, especially considering the fact that the former's title was better than his own.

Amber would also have been invited, but she was only able to get a spot in the second row of the Talent Tablet. Although this was considered as one of the top results in the Sea God Continent, in the eyes of the Celestial Position, this was barely qualifying. The second row of the Talent Tablet was the lowest level of the Celestial Position.

However, before Max could even open his mouth, the human girl had already spoken and inferred their origins. She had been able to learn of that through a single glance and that spoke to her powers. Max, Delroy and the others immediately became alert when they heard her say that.

Zen's cursory gaze swept over them and then met Yolande's. A faint smile surfaced on his face.

Yolande also nodded her head towards Zen and smiled in return. She then continued, "Klein is from the Purple Heart Sacred Place. He belongs with the humans who will give him an important position once he flies into the Upper World. I recommend that the Celestial Position does not do anything to interfere."

Hearing Yolande's words, Delroy and his clansmen frowned. This wasn't something they wanted.

Now that they had confirmed Zen's talent, and in the process, accidentally discovered another one, they weren't going to let the two of them go so easily. They would try their best to win over Zen and Klein.

Max coldly asked, "And who are you? Which group of the human race are you from?"

"That's irrelevant." Yolande shook her head and continued in her usual, calm voice, "I'm just here to tell you that we won't let you take Klein away."

Delroy gave a cold snort. "Whatever! The flying passage in the great world has already collapsed. If we don't take him to the Upper World with us, he will only get confined to this world for the rest of his life."

"Don't worry about that. It's not going to be difficult to repair the flying passage." Yolande shook her head.

Max took two steps forward and sized up Yolande with a sweep of his gaze before threatening, "You have just reached the Virtual Tribulation Realm. How can you stop us?"

Yolande's gaze was still indifferent. "You're just a bunch of guys at the Spirit Supreme Realm. Why can't I stop you?"

At her words, seven pairs of eyes of the Celestial Position stared speechlessly at each other. How could this mysterious human girl actually tell their cultivation level

t this go, what will happen?"

"Well, that's obvious. The tray will fall down on the ground," Dorothea replied. She couldn't understand why Delroy would ask something like that.

Delroy nodded and released his grip. The wooden tray in his hand fell to the ground, producing a crisp sound. "See. You predicted that the tray would fall down."

"Come on!" Dorothea chuckled. "Everybody knew that would happen!"

Delroy continued, "You knew that I would let the tray go. You knew the height of the tray and the speed and place of its fall, so you predicted what would happen."

"Yeah. That's common sense!" Dorothea nodded. She felt Delroy's words were getting more and more mysterious.

"What if," Delroy was becoming more and more passionate, "What if someone was able to predict everything that would happen in a span of all 3.6 billion years in this era, because he has already witnessed the birth of the era?" He asked.

"But that is simply impossible!" Woody could not hold it in any longer. He stared at Delroy and burst out, "Can you predict what I will do next? No! And the era lasts 3.6 billion years. Countless creatures live in this universe. I know that some powerhouses in our clan are capable of predicting the future, but they can only peek a tiny bit into the primordial chaos. You know this better than I do, Delroy! This is impossible!"

Seeing how passionate Woody looked, Yolande, who was kicking her clogs slowly postulated, "What if it's not a person, but the heaven itself?"

Delroy nodded. "The heaven has deduced everything. The birth and death of every creature has long been decided. Everything is predestined, including me standing here and saying these words."

"The heaven..." Woody was somewhat baffled.

Just then, Yolande turned towards Zen and asked, "Now do you understand what a man without destiny means?"

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