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   Chapter 1244 Titled As Asura

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Any Life and Death Realm warrior was bound to undergo the first Small Heavenly Tribulation before they reached the realm.

Almost everyone who could obtain a title on the Talent Tablet would manage to do one thing during the tribulation for sure: activate their Lotus Flowers.

What Max did not know was that Zen had undergone his Small Heavenly Tribulation at the Feather Emperor Island. At that time, the group of Spirit Supreme Realm warriors from the Celestial Position race were still in the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place and trying to figure out a way to lure out the Evil Dragon. Obviously, they knew nothing about what had happened back then and just how far Zen had gone!

It was only now that this crucial question finally crossed Max's mind.

He knew that almost all titled warriors could summon a Lotus Flower. What he was curious about was the kind of Lotus Flower that had appeared during Zen's first Small Heavenly Tribulation.

Was it a three-petal Lotus Flower? A five-petal one? Or perhaps a seven-petal one? Nine-petal?

The golden Celestial Position title was already extremely rare and extraordinary, which meant that although it would have been Zen's first time going through a Heavenly Tribulation, he was very likely to have summoned a seven-petal or a nine-petal Lotus Flower. Even a Mahayana Lotus Flower wasn't out of the question either.

"Zen, when you went through the Small Heavenly Tribulation, did a Lotus Flower appear in the sky?" Max finally couldn't hold off and enquired in a low voice.

There was a trace of respect in his voice. His attitude towards Zen had completely changed now.

Truth be told, that was because he was very clear on what it meant for the Celestial Position race to find a golden Celestial Position warrior in this world. As an expert at the Spirit Supreme Realm, he was much stronger than Zen at present. However, the latter was like a seed with unlimited potential. His future showed promise and that was enough for Max to respect this guy.

Even the arrogance of Delroy had been swept away now. A truth that he never would have believed had just been proven correct right in front of him, and he now knew one thing: there was nothing he had that gave him a right to be proud in front of Zen.

All warriors from the Celestial Position race focused their eyes on Zen's face, waiting for him to answer Max's question. They had been curious about this too.

Zen hesitated for a moment when he saw so many eyes focused on him. Then he replied, "Yes. It did."

"How many petals? How many petals did your Lotus Flower have?" Delroy was even more curious than Max and forgot all about his arrogance.

It was hard to explain just how the Lotus Flower and its petals were linked to one's talents. The more petals it had, the greater was one's possibility of surpassing the heaven. And talent had an effect on a warrior's cultivation speed which increased with talent. Yet there was, for sure, a link between the Lotus Flower and the talent. People with low talents were usually unable to summon a Lotus Flower, and those with higher talents usually managed to conjure up a flower with more petals than those with lesser talents.

Zen asked with a smile, "How many petals did your Lotus Flower have?"

"You want to know about me first?" Max

lready become a legendary figure in the Purple Heart Sacred Place. Nobody was arrogant enough to think that he or she could surpass a legendary figure like him.

At this moment, Max ordered his puppet to walk towards Klein's direction.

A hint of doubt appeared on Klein's face. He had just walked out of the Talent Tablet and had not noticed these eight strange guests who had strangely appeared on the tenth floor. Although they looked human outwardly, he could only feel their soul waves. There were no breaths or signs of life.

The top-level war lords of the human race also stared at them warily. They had already gone on high alert upon seeing these unknown guests in the Tower of Sin, but since they were all attracted by Klein's test result, they hadn't bothered to deal with them till now.

Suddenly, someone with hawk's eyes noticed Zen who was standing a few feet away from Max and everyone else.

"Zen! Hey, it's Zen! I can't even believe my eyes!"

"Zen has returned to the Sea God Continent!"

Just as they were about to cheer on, someone noticed it! "Wait, there's something wrong with him. Although this guy looks like Zen, he doesn't seem human at all..."

"That's because it's just a puppet! What motives do you have for pretending to be Zen?"

The Sea God Continent only had a few crude puppets. Nobody there was talented enough to create a puppet as vivid as Hank's.

The one he had made for Zen looked almost like Zen himself. However, there was obviously a difference between a real person and a puppet. And warriors who were powerful enough could detect that something was wrong with just a slight sweep of their perception.

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled and cautious, a young girl, wearing a colorful dress, descended from the top of the stairs. Everyone heard her cold voice ring out, "That is exactly the Zen you know, but... It seems like his cultivation base has reached the level of a war sage, and therefore, he has to send in a puppet to enter the Cursed Land. This puppet technique looks like it has been inherited from the Celestial Position race. Am I right? And these seven people with him... You all are from the Celestial Position race, right?"

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