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   Chapter 1243 Confirm

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What was amazing was that the eight puppets were all true to life. Every single one of them was the exact replica of the people in the group.

Zen sized up the puppets. Finally, his gaze landed on the puppet that resembled him. He was shocked and disappointed. "Why is my puppet weaker than all of yours?"

The materials used to make these puppets were very complicated. The strength of the seven puppets of the seven Celestial Position masters was equivalent to that of a Life and Death Realm warrior. However, Zen's puppet's strength was equivalent to that of a Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior.

Woody retorted, "Isn't that accurate? After all, you are still a lot weaker than us!"

Zen rolled his eyes. He didn't want to waste time arguing with this fellow.

Max spoke up, "Anyway, it's all done. Now we can control these puppets and enter the Cursed Land."

Everyone nodded their heads. They had been waiting for some days and now they were eager to enter the Tower of Crystal. Everyone poured a part of their souls into their corresponding puppets. One after another, the puppets opened their eyes and came to life.

But Zen was lost at this point. He didn't know how to "split his soul", so he wasn't able to pour a part of it into his puppet.

While his soul was very close to the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm, he hadn't actually stepped into the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm.

So he hadn't practiced the soul-splitting technique. He could only control the shape of his own soul for now.

Splitting the soul involved peeling off a part of one's soul to form a single entity, which was completely independent.

Lavender's soul was actually a fragment. Her physical body and main soul had already perished, thus that soul fragment was now her only remaining soul.

Zen just didn't know what to do! Woody flashed a mocking smile, enjoying Zen's obvious discomfort. Thankfully Dorothea offered to help. "Zen, let me help you. First, detach part of your soul from your body," she explained.

Zen did as Dorothea instructed. He squeezed out a portion of his soul from the spot between his eyebrows. Then, the flower in Dorothea's right eye turned slightly, and an invisible force gently floated out. Zen felt the light pull of this force, and a wisp of his soul separated from the main soul.

Now Zen was able to control this portion of his soul. He poured it into his own puppet and brought it to life.

The eight of them sat down on the floor solemnly, while the eight puppets hopped onto the Eight-diagram Wheel. They didn't waste any more time and immediately took off to the Cursed Land.

The puppets would not be effected by the Cursed Land. The Eight-d

d of three tiers, represented by three colors—golden, silver, bronze. There were various titles under each color. Although there wasn't much of a difference between two titles of the same color, there was a huge gap between the lowest title and highest one.

Celestial Position was the topmost title!

"Golden Celestial Position. Wow! It really is that position! Ever since Aliza became the Supreme Lord four hundred thousand years ago, there hasn't been anyone who has obtained the golden Celestial Position title," Max muttered.

Four hundred thousand years might sound like a long time, but actually it was a very short time frame, if one considered the intervals between the appearances of two golden Celestial Position titles.

Judging from the measure of time, an era lasted for 3.6 billion years, and during this era, only six warriors had obtained the title of golden Celestial Position. The warrior who had obtained the golden Celestial Position before Aliza obtained it tens of millions of years ago, or even hundreds of millions of years ago. This time span was beyond imagination.

Dorothea's face wore a smug expression now. She hadn't done anything to harm Zen before, which was indeed the right decision on her part. She giggled and said to Woody, "Didn't someone make a bet with me?"

Woody looked pale. He was a serious man. His puppet didn't have blood vessels, so it couldn't blush in embarrassment. However, his real form, which was controlling the puppet in the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, had turned red in the face. Of course, he was not really going to swallow the Black Nether Saber. But he didn't know what to say to save his face.

Max didn't care about this silly bet between Woody and Dorothea. He suddenly remembered something very important.

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