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   Chapter 1242 A Despicable Bitch

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Ailsa had kept her head down all this time.

However, Amber's voice made her raise her head and they all saw how her eyes glowed with a strange azure light, like otherworldly fireflies on a dark, summer night.

She immediately rushed towards Zen, hands outstretched and ready to snatch the Soul Nurturing Wood from his hands.

Her actions shocked him and he was immediately on guard. He had never thought a Demon Night member would endanger Lavender like this!

The queen's soul was extremely weak and fragile. Any slight attack towards the Soul Nurturing Wood held the possibility of destroying Lavender's soul completely.

With a flick of his wrist, Zen quickly threw the Soul Nurturing Wood into the air.

Ailsa's eyes were trained onto the brown branch and she immediately launched herself into the air to grab the Soul Nurturing Wood. Zen, however, was quick to catch Ailsa by the ankle and pull her down forcefully.

"Come down!"

He threw the azure-eyed girl to the ground while he caught the Soul Nurturing Wood safely in his hands.

The two guards beside Amber were immediately onto Ailsa and forced her onto the ground.

"Ailsa!" Amber fiercely berated the girl. "What do you think you're doing?"

Ailsa ignored Amber and instead sneered at Zen. "You're Zen, right?"

Zen frowned. "This voice…" he murmured to himself. He had heard this voice before in the Holy Tree Hall from the queen statue that he had smashed into pieces.

The members of the Demon Night immediately knelt on one knee upon hearing Ailsa's voice.


Their race had a total of three queens. Lavender was the queen of killings while the one in front of them was in charge of punishment… It seemed this queen had used some kind of secret technique to temporarily occupy Ailsa's body with the intent of harming or perhaps even killing Lavender.

Amber had a rough guess why the Queen of Punishment wanted to harm Lavender but it was a dispute that she couldn't really meddle with. Right now, she had to maintain a neutral façade and see how the situation unfolded.

Zen, on the other hand, was not part of the Demon Night race. For him, the dispute between the queens did not matter. If anyone wanted to harm Lavender then he would do whatever it took to eliminate that person.

Zen sneered coldly, "Yes, I am Zen and you're the Demon Night's Queen of Punishment, right? May I know your name?"

"You are not qualified to know my name," Ailsa said haughtily. "I advise you to hand over that Soul Nurturing Wood and let Lavender's soul dissipate in this world. If you do that, I'll consider letting you off."

Zen suddenly froze, quite unsure of what he had just heard. However, onc

punish and torture her for her despicable deeds.

Now that the matter was taken care of, everyone went about their ways and the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place was left to recover.

Its healing rate was actually incredible. The holy tree's trunk was scorched black but the roots were fortunately untouched.

These roots ran several thousand feet underground with a few extending over a hundred miles horizontally. It constantly absorbed nutrients from the earth and was a vital factor in speeding up the tree's recovery process.

As it healed, the tree also nourished the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place. Green seedlings had already sprouted all around which meant that it would be able to fully recover in no time at all.

Meanwhile, Miguel and the rest members of the Purple Heart Sacred Place had teamed up with Lacey and the other Soul Sea Realm masters to attack the two ogre sacred places.

After the ogre race's expulsion from the Tower of Sin, it was obviously only a matter of time before they declined. What the other races did not expect was the swiftness of their extermination. In less than a year, the two imposing ogre sacred places would be wiped out by humans and the Demon Night!

The ogre's downfall was considered good news for the other races. The previously powerful race had been too brutal and tyrannical compared to the gentler human race and Demon Night race. Even after the humans took control of the Tower of Sin, they did not abuse their position to break any rules or annihilate other races.

Within two days, the Demon Night members were finally able to gather all the materials Hank had requested.

Once he had all the materials, making the puppets was a piece of cake for Hank. In just half a day, he was able to fashion eight puppets for them to use.

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