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   Chapter 1241 Amber's Return

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The streak of light was extremely fast as it approached the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place.

Both Lacey and Chantel breathed huge sighs of relief the moment they realized who that streak of light was.

It was Amber! Her arrival gave them hope but, at the same time, made them question just what kind of ability Zen had to be able to foretell her return. Could he see the future or something?

Even Esther, who stood nearby, was equally perplexed. She then remembered the other time when Zen had exhibited such a skill. When he fought with Saroyan, Zen had been able to find out how long his opponent had lived accurately down to the number of the days. He also seemed to be aware of everything that went on in this great world. Was he, perhaps, an incarnation of an omnipotent deity?


Their thoughts were interrupted by Amber's frantic advance, her light purple robe swishing behind her as she drew closer. The anger on her face was very apparent when she saw the scene that awaited her.

Since the fellows from the Dread Ogre Sacred Place dared to chase after her, she surmised that the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place would definitely attack the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place. She knew that Lacey and Chantel would not be able to stop the invasion just by themselves.

Thick smoke rose above the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, deepening her frown. If it was really destroyed, then she swore to kill every single ogre from both the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and Dread Ogre Sacred Place even if it cost her life.

Fortunately, the sight of Lacey and Chantel unharmed calmed her heart especially when she saw a familiar, white-robed human youth.


The sight of Zen clarified her thoughts. The Heavenly Feather Sacred Place's victory against the ogres' invasion definitely had something to do with him.


Both Lacey and Chantel greeted her with joy once she arrived. "Amber, are you alright? The Dread Ogre Sacred Place knew about your movements and they took advantage of the fact that you were undergoing tribulation…"

"You mean these three fellows?" Amber asked and suddenly held up three large heads in her hand. One of them was the leader of the Dread Ogre Sacred Place.

All of them were at the Soul Sea Realm and had died by Amber's hands.

Zen smiled, realizing how valiant Amber really was. Not only did she safely pass through the Big Heavenly Tribulation, she had also been able to kill the three Soul Sea Realm ogres that had come to possibly eliminate her during her most vulne

turing Wood!" she exclaimed.

Her heart immediately dropped at the sight of the Soul Nurturing Wood. This extraordinary branch was used to help someone hold on to his or her last breath of life, which meant that Lavender, right now, was in a critically ill state.

Zen's face was also filled with grief. "Lavender blocked a soul attack for me. Her soul was on the verge of collapsing so I had no other choice but to place her inside the Soul Nurturing Wood."

Amber gritted her teeth. "Let's use the holy tree's life force again. It would at least be able to awaken our queen."

Zen, however, shook his head. "I don't think that's going to work."

The entire Heavenly Feather Sacred Place was terribly devastated from the battle. If they wanted to restore it to its former glory, they would have to rely on the holy tree's power.

Right now, the huge holy tree was riddled with holes and if they used it on Lavender now, it would probably drain it of its power.

"My queen is more important. I can feel the holy tree's will and it is willing to sacrifice itself to save her!" Amber insisted.

Zen could only sigh. "Lavender is like this because of me. I'll find a way to revive her," he said. "Besides, the nourishment of the holy tree alone will not be enough to completely repair her damaged soul."

The power of the Soul Nurturing Wood in his hand wasn't any weaker than that of the holy tree. Its effects, however, were slower but it was enough to protect Lavender's soul.

Just then, they were interrupted by a yellow-robed Demon Night girl who bowed down to Amber.

"Ailsa, what is it?" Ailsa was a third-level war sage so Amber was curious why she was here.

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