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   Chapter 1240 Wipe Out The Ogres

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The two powerful masters of the Spirit Supreme Realm looked calm. It made the ogres tense. They felt as if they were trapped under a heavy mountain.

"Stop chatting, let's get down to business!" Dorothea's words made Woody grumpy. He hastily ended the subject at hand, his gaze falling on the tall and sturdy ogres. Casually waving the Black Nether Saber, he said, "Fortunately, the race we need to wipe out are the ogres. I find I don't have a very good opinion of them...."

Dorothea smiled. "What a coincidence! I don't have a good opinion of them either."

In the Upper World, the ogre race was not considered to be weak, but they were too aggressive and overbearing.

The Celestial Position had always taken a neutral stance in the Upper World. Their goals were vastly different from those of the other races. Human race, Demon Night, ogre race, and the other races all had similar aims of expanding their own races as the core, but the Celestial Position was formed by the talents of countless other races. They represented a unique group in the universe, their goals rather different from those of other ordinary races.

Because the Celestial Position was neutral and strong, they shared a good relationship with most of the other races. For instance, they were on good terms with the humans, Demon Night and some other powerful groups in the universe.

However, Celestial Position had a bone of contention with the ogre race. The ogres had a strong sense of loyalty toward their own race. They did not allow any ogre talents to join Celestial Position. If they found out that someone had betrayed them, they would banish them as traitors and hunt them down to the ends of the world.

The ogres were also obstinate and fierce. They had fought Celestial Position several times. Sometimes, a few Supreme Lords had gotten involved.

Thus, the ogres were not on friendly terms with the members of Celestial Position. Now that several Celestial Position warriors had come down to the Lower World and encountered these ogres, how could they possibly let them go unharmed?

They were rather pressed for time. Even it was not for Zen's sake, they would still take this opportunity to destroy the sacred places of the ogre race.

Hearing Dorothea and Woody, Lamar got anxious. Even though he couldn't figure out where the masters had come from, he would not subject his Flaming Ogre Sacred Place to destruction!

"Tw-two respected masters! May I have a word with you?" Lamar asked, his coarse voice trembling.

"Hmm? What is it?" Woody looked at Lamar indifferently.

"This matter is with regards to a grudge between the two sacred places of our ogre race and

ey and Chantel did not join the others in the killing. The outcome of this battle was a foregone conclusion, and the two of them clearly knew what to do next.

Before Zen could even respond to Woody, Lacey respectfully bowed to him. "Master, the Demon Night will forever remember what you did today, but we do not know of the materials you require. We would certainly do our best to help."

Woody chuckled. "Aha. They are not very special materials," he said courteously. "You should exterminate those little rats first."

Seeing Woody's attitude, Zen felt suspicious. Woody was a hateful man and never had anything nice to say. Why was he being so polite to the Demon Night?

His face reflected his confusion. Dorothea, who stood beside him, chuckled and stated to him in a low voice, "The woman he fell in love with is from the Demon Night."

Comprehension dawned on Zen. Now he knew why Woody was acting so strangely. The Celestial Position consisted of talents from different races. It was not unusual for Demon Night members to be a part of the Celestial Position. Indeed, Woody loved a girl from the Demon Night, so he was courteous to the members of the race. No wonder he had just gone all out to kill the ogres.

At the moment, Chantel spoke up, her face full of worry, "Lacey, I don't know how everything is going with Amber. If the Dread Ogre Sacred Place really went after her, I'm afraid she might be in danger..."

Zen's eyes suddenly flashed as he shuffled through the memories of the great world. He soon released a sigh of relief, saying with a smile, "Amber is fine. She is currently on her way back."

He then lifted his head and looked into the distance. A few minutes later, a ray of light in the sky shot toward the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place.

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