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   Chapter 1239 Zen's Friends

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"What? Kill the guy who's shooting the arrows?" The two ogre Soul Sea Realm masters in the sky looked at Lamar, puzzled. They had thought that Lamar could defeat Lacey easily. But they hadn't expected Lamar to be faced with such a huge disadvantage.


Another ray of black light shot out from behind Lacey. The black arrow brushed past Lamar's face, leaving a thumb-sized wound in his rough face.

If this arrow had been two or three inches to the side, it would have pierced through Lamar's brain and killed him.

"You two! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and kill that brat. He is Zen Luo!" Lamar roared. He was furious at Omari and Santino for standing there like statues when he was so clearly in danger.

"Zen Luo?"

"That brat is Zen Luo?"

Santino and Omari had noticed that the arrows shot by Zen were surprisingly powerful. Lamar had become truly helpless when Lacey had stalled him.

"Ha-ha! So this is Zen! Lamar, I will help you kill him!" With a hearty laugh, Omari changed direction and flew past Lacey, straight towards Zen.

As he saw this, Chantel, a Soul Sea Realm master of the Demon Night, didn't wait for Zen or Lacey to say anything. Instead, she turned her body to face Omari and sent out tens of thousands of dark blue wind blades to stop him.

"I am your opponent," Santino said as he came to stand before Chantel.

The ogres had three Soul Sea Realm masters, but the Demon Night only had two. The situation had become extremely unfavorable for Zen.

Besides the war sages and Soul Sea Realm masters in the sky, there were also countless war lords, war generals, and war fighters bathed in blood as they engaged in a life-and-death fight in the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place.

However, the Demon Night members were extremely powerful. In battles between war lords and war lords, between war generals and war generals, and between war fighters and war fighters, the Demon Night had always gained the upper hand, forcing the ogres to retreat step by step.

But right now, the war lords, war generals, and war fighters of the Demon Night did not wish to fight. They were focused on the battle in the sky.

Their winning wouldn't determine the results of the war. The war would be over if the Soul Sea Realm masters of the Demon Night lost. So when the Demon Night members watched the three powerful ogre warriors at the Soul Sea Realm enter the battle, despair filled them.

"Are our queens unable to protect us anymore?" a woman of the Demon Night asked sorrowfully. The weapon in her hand had already dropped to the ground, her e

can't be that you have enough talent to obtain the golden title of the Celestial Position."

Zen shrugged, not showing any signs of weakness as he faced Woody. He only smiled and said, "When I step into the Spirit Supreme Realm, I'll beat ten guys like you."

Dorothea laughed out loud and said, "That is quite possible!"

To be honest, when Woody and Dorothea were at the Life and Death Realm, they couldn't fight against a powerful warrior at the Soul Sea Realm. But Zen could do this. He would be considered a talented warrior even in the Celestial Position race.

Woody, however, hadn't been fond of Zen from the beginning, which was why he mocked him.

The members of the Demon Night and the ogres stared at this trio as they chatted and ribbed each other.

Lacey, Chantel, and many war sages of the Demon Night became excited as they saw who the two mighty masters were talking to. Some of them had felt that they had been collapsing before these two came along. They had been tensed for a long time and now, they could finally relax. Because at this moment, as they watched Zen banter with Dorothea and Woody, they knew that the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place would be safe.

The ogres, on the other hand, had different thoughts. The three Soul Sea Realm masters, Lamar, Omari, and Santino, as well as the war sages, war lords, and war fighters, felt their hearts plummeting into a bottomless abyss.

Zen and the powerful warriors seemed like friends, and this was a death sentence to the ogres.

For the two sacred places of the ogres, this battle was a gamble. Everything was on the line. The appearance of Dorothea and Woody was probably a preamble to their disappearance from the Sea God Continent.

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