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   Chapter 1237 Hope

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Lamar was a Soul Sea Realm master, which explained his speedy reaction.

But the moment the black arrows pierced his ghost staff, his burly body began to twist.

The three black arrows penetrated Lamar's enormous body one after the other. But since his body had begun to twist, two of three arrows pierced his right shoulder and his thigh, and the third passed through his chest, close to his heart.

Six small holes appeared in his body, pulsing with blood. Lamar was, however, a strong ogre, which meant that these injuries weren't fatal at all.

But that didn't mean that the situation was not dangerous.

Zen had aimed his three black arrows at Lamar's head and heart. If Lamar hadn't twisted his body at the last moment, he would have turned into a corpse by now.

Lamar was lucky enough to avoid the three black arrows. He looked fearful as his gaze looked for the source of the arrows. As he found Zen, his fear turned to shock and fury.

"He is a human being! An early-stage human war sage! How did he shoot out three terrifying arrows? This guy is definitely not from the Purple Heart Sacred Place! Where is he from?" Lamar muttered, staring at Zen.

Esther, who was standing beside Zen, had clapped her hand to her mouth as she looked at Zen reverently. She had stayed with Zen in the Tower of Sin for a long time so she knew the extent of Zen's strength. But she hadn't expected just the three arrows to hurt the Soul Sea Realm master to this extent. This surprised her even more since Lamar was a strong ogre.

And she could see that the three arrows had almost killed him.

"You are just a human warrior but you've managed to injure me! You are remarkable! I'll give you one more chance to challenge me. And then, I'll let you die a miserable death!" Lamar said flatly.

In his shock and anger, Lamar had even given up on attacking Lacey. He gathered the raging flames together and charged towards Zen at an unbelievable speed.

Above the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, the ogre war sages and the Demon Night's war sages stopped fighting. The black arrows that Zen had sent flying towards Lamar had shocked them, too. And now, they sneered as Lamar dashed towards Zen.

Zen's black arrows had been a shock, but it could have been a fluke because Zen was merely an early-stage war sage after all. The ogre war sages believed that he might be in great trouble for provoking Lamar.

Lamar's body was like a small flying mountain as it charged towards Zen. It formed an increasingly expanding shadow under the sunlight

tial Position.

"Zen! That warrior is Zen!" an ogre war sage suddenly roared as if he had discovered something amazing.

A majority of the ogre war sages present had never seen Zen before, but a small number of them had once been in the Tower of Sin and seen Zen there before. They had left that place and become war sages once they had made a breakthrough and reached the higher cultivation level.

Moments ago, those war sages hadn't been certain of Zen's identity. The figure had been somewhat familiar, but they learned from the information of the two ogre sacred places that Zen had long since left the Sea God Continent.

And now, someone had finally recognized Zen.

"Zen! He's that human warrior from the Tower of Sin!"

"He's the enemy of our two ogre sacred places!"

"He was just an early-stage war lord a year ago. And he has become a war sage now!"

"But how could a war sage like him defeat Lamar?"

The ogre war sages looked surprised yet indignant. Back then, Zen had driven the ogres out of the Tower of Sin because the powerful masters of the two ogre sacred places hadn't been able to enter the Cursed Land. But now, Zen wasn't relying on the Tower of Sin, and had openly stood at the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place to challenge Lamar.

Zen's punch had even broken one of Lamar's arms while he looked unarmed. Many of the ogre war sages were unable to accept this truth.

The war sages of the Demon Night, on the other hand, had earlier been in a state of despair, but the moment they had recognized Zen, they became hopeful. Even though Zen was only a war sage, his battle with Lamar had revealed Zen's strength. This was enough for Zen to become their hope.

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