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   Chapter 1236 Three Arrows

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"I see. That's how it is," Zen said as he nodded.

At that exact time, a massive flame suddenly blazed up in the sky. The sudden explosion was shaped like a volcano, and the heat waves it emitted scorched the plants in the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place.

They weren't the only things affected by the blaze, however. Even the war sages weren't able to withstand the heat that was coming from the flames. Every one of them hid behind something, hoping to be spared by the fire's power.

As the flame spread out, an ogre slowly arose from it. On the ogre's head was a three-pronged crown. He was wearing a golden armor and was holding a dark golden ghost staff in his hand. To say that he looked magnificent would be an understatement.

A blue-clothed woman was who he was after. Her slender body was enveloped in a light blue Water Pattern Domain, blocking all of the flames outside its protection. However, no matter how hard she tried, she just could not get rid of the ogre chasing after her.

"Lacey..." Seeing this, Esther became worried.

Zen had met Lacey before. She was a Soul Sea Realm expert from Demon Night.

The Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place had occupied the Tower of Sin for the longest time as they had three Soul Sea Realm experts more than the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place. That advantage, however, was easily cancelled by Amber, as she was more than a match for three or four ogres at the Soul Sea Realm. With her being able to easily overpower them, the two sides had been able to maintain a delicate balance.

Lacey, on the other hand, was obviously not as lucky as her. Right now, she was being suppressed by the ogre at the Soul Sea Realm.

Esther and all the other Demon Night war sages who were in the middle of a fierce battle with the ogre war sages, had dejected looks on their faces the moment the scene unfurled in front of their eyes. It greatly undermined their morale.

"Lacey, Lacey, Lacey," the ogre said, chuckling, "the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place is destined to be removed from the Sea God Continent, so there's no point resisting. All of you are beautiful —you can just be us ogres' concubines. That's way better than being killed. Am I right?"

Amidst all this shaming, Lacey remained calm and the Water Pattern Domain around her stayed sturdy. "Even if you successfully destroy the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, the moment Amber returns, you ogres will sure pay a heavy price," she said coldly. "Lamar, do you really think Amber will let you off?"

Amber was looked up to in the Sea God Continent as much as Zen was idolized in the Central Region. Both were considered the strongest warriors of their respective areas. With that, everyone knew that as long as

gling to hold on to her protective barrier, also noticed the three black lights that were fast approaching. Her eyes were suddenly filled with surprise and uncertainty. Quickly, she traced where the black lights came from and saw a young human.

'Zen! Why is he here?' she thought, confused.

The three black lights were coming on so fast that Lamar gave up the idea of dodging them. 'I'll take this head on!' he thought, preparing for the impact. His bronze-colored arm, which was as thick as a human torso, swung the giant ghost staff, which was as big as a tree trunk. He violently smashed it towards the three black arrows.

The ogres were indeed powerful, but the development of civilization in the Sea God Continent was far inferior to that of the Divine Kingdom Continent. It was even slower than that of the Central Region. The ogres could, at most, refine a mid-grade sacred weapon. On the other hand, weapon refiners from the four divine kingdoms could even make divine weapons. Of course, refining a divine weapon usually required help from the Upper World. Without the Reverse Spirit Channel, the four divine kingdoms wouldn't have the ability to forge those kinds of weapons.

Thus, the ghost staff in Lamar's hand was only a top-grade sacred weapon.

While Lamar was swinging his ghost staff at the three black arrows, trying to prevent them from hitting him, he heard three muffled sounds. Then, out of the blue, the three sharp arrows pierced his body.

Lamar never underestimated the power of the three black arrows. The moment he saw them, he immediately dropped his attack on Lacey, and instead, focused all his energy on blocking them.

However, the moment the black arrows penetrated his ghost staff, he realized that despite all the precautions he made, he still severely underestimated their power.

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