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   Chapter 1234 A War

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The pink light that Dorothea released was able to reveal the true form of this Cursed Land!

Had Zen been aware of the amount of ghosts that filled this Cursed Land, he wouldn't have ever thought of entering it in the first place.

Even Woody and Delroy were obviously unsettled, prompting Dorothea to extinguish the pink light with a hint of a smile.

Once the light was gone, any hint of ghosts disappeared and the black Cursed Land appeared as empty as it had been before.

Huff, huff…

"S-So disgusting!" Woody heaved as he touched his chest in mild alarm.

Max also shook his head, "In that case, it seems impossible for us to break in."

Delroy nodded at his words. "We can't resist these ghosts. We'll be devoured completely if we force our way in. It seems the only thing we can do is to report this matter to the upper leaders."

Max sighed, "Our trip to the Lower World has been fruitless. We failed to capture the Evil Dragon. And the Ancestral Dragon..." He couldn't help but glance at Zen upon mentioning the Ancestral Dragon that had since imprinted on Zen. "Now that we can't confirm anything about the Tower of Crystal, are we really just going back empty-handed?"

Delroy shrugged helplessly. "Well, what else do you want to do?"

Max set his eyes on Zen, his gaze somewhat calculating. "I want to enter the Tower of Crystal and take a look."

Delroy couldn't help but roll his eyes. The Cursed Land wasn't just some place they could enter so easily, which was already obvious from what they had just seen earlier. Max, in Delroy's opinion, was spouting nonsense.

However, just as he was about to tell him off, an idea suddenly popped in Woody's head, "Hey Zen," he said, turning to the youth beside him. "You knew we wouldn't be able to enter this Cursed Land all along, didn't you? You were just randomly bragging about that title you've obtained. We'd be unable to verify it anyway."

Zen rolled his eyes and sneered but didn't bother to argue.

Max ignored this exchange and turned his attention to Hank. "Did you bring any puppets with you this time?" he asked.

Everyone's eyes suddenly lit up with hope!


"That's right! Hank's puppets could work!"

Not only was Hank proficient in all sorts of flying tools, he was also a master puppeteer. If they could take advantage of his puppets, they'd be able to get through the Cursed Land with no problems. They still wanted to take a look at the Tower of Crystal, Woody in particular since he really wanted to expose Zen and his lies. The youth would have a lot of explaining to do if it turned out that his title wasn't on the Talent Tablet.

However, Hank's next words would wi

she had tried several times and finally advanced to a second-level war sage. However, despite her advancements, it was evident that she still found it difficult to deal with her fourth-level war sage ogre opponent.

"Hahaha! Just accept your fate and surrender Esther! You're a beautiful Demon Night woman. I don't want your looks to go to waste. I know you and I are of different races, but if you become my captive, I'll make you the happiest woman for the rest of your life!" Her opponent laughed hysterically, waving the fiery red saber in his hand. Bright red lights burst from the saber and headed straight for Esther's vital parts.

Zen couldn't just bear to stand by and watch. He quickly jumped up and rushed towards her.

Esther's perception was extremely sharp and she was able to sense Zen's approach even as she tried to dodge the ogre's attacks. Thinking that it was another ogre that had come for her, Esther immediately swerved and launched a beam of light towards Zen, attacking him with flowers.

Zen's figure flashed and quickly avoided the blooms. "Esther, it's me!"

The sound of a familiar voice made her turn around in confusion. However, the moment she saw him, Esther's face immediately lit up with joy. She never thought Zen would suddenly appear at such a critical moment!

"Zen!" she called out with glee.

The fourth-level ogre war sage who was chasing Esther also turned his head once he heard her mention Zen's name. He too, couldn't help but be stunned at his sudden arrival.

Zen's name was whispered and spat like a curse in both the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place. It was this guy and this guy alone that had driven their entire race out of the Tower of Sin. All of them knew this name despite never having seen him.

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