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   Chapter 1233 The Ghost Curse Spell

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In the past, Mist had also entered the Sea God Continent, but he had been intimidated by the Cursed Land. In the end, he set up a massive transmission array, connecting the two continents and then waiting in the celestial tomb for several years, long before Zen finally arrived.

Because of that, Zen figured that Mist was a Spirit Supreme Realm expert. If he couldn't enter the Cursed Land, the seven of them wouldn't be able to enter either.

Before, Zen had been able to enter the Cursed Land unhindered. But at that time, he was only at the Illuminating Soul Realm. Now, at the Life and Death Realm, naturally, he would be affected by the curse's power.

When Zen briefly explained the whole situation of the Cursed Land to everyone, Max's expression turned slightly grim. Still, he ordered Hank to control the Eight-diagram Wheel to move forward.

They managed to fly fast above the Sea God Continent. Not long after, a distinct line appeared in the Sea God Continent. On the surface, everything seemed perfectly normal. Inside the line, however, it was pitch-black. No plants or creatures seemed to inhabit it—it was a pitch-black world.

"Is this the Cursed Land?" Max could only stare at it and wonder.

When Zen nodded, Delroy went ahead and said, "Let's go down and take a look."

As Spirit Supreme Realm experts, they weren't reckless people. Since they already knew that it was a strange land, they wouldn't dare rely on their own cultivation to forcefully break into it immediately.

After the Eight-diagram Wheel slowly descended, the seven of them stepped down, one after another. With the Ancestral Dragon still in his arms, Zen followed and jumped down. The little thing looked at the Cursed Land, fear growing in its eyes. It seemed worried about Zen bringing it to such a place.

"Gagoom…" the dragon went.

Seeing how frightened the creature was, Zen patted its head and smiled gently, "Don't worry. I won't bring you in."

But Zen was rather curious—this Ancestral Dragon had just hatched. Although it had a strong innate talent, it should've only been considered a first-level vicious beast, meaning it wouldn't be affected by the curse. Perhaps, its fear was purely instinctive.

Meanwhile, Max had an evident frown on his face as he examined the area. "Delroy, what do you think?"

Taking two steps forward, Delroy approached the edge. Another step forward and he would ha

-level war lords, they have made it to the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, and they have to leave this Cursed Land. Otherwise, the curse will take their lives."

The Cursed Land was forbidden to war sages and Soul Sea Realm experts, after all.

Flatly, Dorothea explained, "This Ghost Curse Spell has set a target for it to take effect—it isn't difficult."

"What should we do? How are we going to get to the Tower of Crystal?" asked the burly man.

Staring at the Cursed Land, Delroy said, "I don't believe this place is filled with the Ghost Curse Spell!"

With a knowing smile, Dorothea returned, "You'll know when you see it, won't you?" The moment she finished speaking, the flower in her right eye began to spin, emitting a pink light a hundred times broader than the last one.

In this moment of illumination, Zen, Max, Delroy, and the others were all astonished.

An endless wave of little ghosts filled the Cursed Land. Because there were too many, they had to squeeze together—they were in a constant state of crazy squirming.

Because it was too crowded, the ghosts seemed to devour each other. But soon afterward, new little ghosts would be born.

"Kof kof kof..." Goosebumps rose all over Woody's body. In a haste, he said, "Dorothea, extinguish that light!"

It wasn't just Woody. Other than Max and Dorothea, the rest looked absolutely horrified.

It made Zen frown—he was the only one among them who had entered the Cursed Land. Never did he think that in the seemingly empty place, ghosts were already lining up. A chill crept up from the depths of his heart.

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