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   Chapter 1232 Back To The Sea God Continent

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The group of Spirit Supreme Realm warriors from the Celestial Position race had given Zen quite a bit of time to stay in the Central Region. It was now time for him to leave.

However, Letitia and Margaret weren't pleased with the news. They had only been with Zen for less than two hours, then he had to leave so soon. Nonetheless, Letitia knew that the group of super warriors in the Eight-diagram Wheel weren't particularly friendly towards Zen, and now was not the time to protest. She could only hope for Zen to return quickly to the Central Region after he finished what he had to do.

Meanwhile, Zen felt that it would be inconvenient for him to bring Brianna on his trip to the Sea God Continent. Thus, he decided to leave her here for now and ask the people of the World Commercial Alliance to take care of her.

Naturally, Dorothea was unhappy about it. The cyan dragon had told Zen that although the Soul Sealing Spell was hard to remove, he did have some clues to the solution, and he didn't need help from the Celestial Position race. Therefore, Zen didn't mind Dorothea's discontent. Besides, Brianna seemed to dislike her anyway.

After Max had finished preparations, he waved his hand and etched a blood red cross-shaped rune in the Oracle City. After that, the Eight-diagram Wheel slowly rose up towards the sky, then headed towards the southeast direction as indicated by Zen.

Zen already had a specific outline of this world's map, thanks to the great world's memories. The land only occupied twenty percent of this great world's surface, and the remaining eighty percent belonged to the boundless ocean. On the west side of the world were several main continents, such as the Divine Kingdom Continent, the Central Region, among others. In addition, a massive piece of savage land lay in the north of the Divine Kingdom Continent.

However, the Sea God Continent was an exception. It was isolated on the other side of the great world, which was why distinct cultures and customs flourished in it.

A strong gust of wind blew against the Eight-diagram Wheel's sides. After the Eight-diagram Wheel had left the southeast area of the Central Region, it flew in a quick and steady speed in a straight line.

Going to the Sea God Continent without traveling through a transmission array meant that they would have to cross nearly half of the great world. Such a thing was impossible to do in an instant, even for those Spirit Supreme Realm warriors.

Although Zen could enter the Immortal Mist's celestial tomb again and use the transmission array to directly travel to the Sea God Continent, he still hesitated to trust the seven people from the Celestial Position race. He didn't want to disturb Immortal Mist's slumber because of them.

Blurry lines of blue clashed in the middle of the horizon. It was as if nothing existed between the heaven and the ea

an dragon felt happy about this prospect, he was also reminded of their previous sorrows.

The Eight-diagram Wheel traveled extremely fast, so it only took them a few hours to reach the Central Region from the Divine Kingdom Continent. However, it still took them a full two days to travel from the Central Region to the Sea God Continent.

They had encountered several huge fierce beasts along their way, such as an ocean beast with a twenty-thousand-feet-long body, and a giant bird with a wingspan of more than ten thousand feet, which made it look like a palace in the sky. However, these eleventh-level fierce beasts were aware of the Spirit Supreme Realm warriors on the Eight-diagram Wheel. They feared these warriors and thus, didn't dare provoke them.

As for Dorothea and the other Celestial Position race warriors, they were not interested in those beasts at all. There were rarely things in the Lower World that could arouse their interest. Their goal of this trip was only the Tower of Crystal.

After two full days, a continent finally appeared before them. The Sea God Continent looked exactly as Zen remembered it on the day he left.

"Where in this continent is the Tower of Crystal?" Delroy asked indifferently. "It's in the center of this continent," Zen turned to him and said.

"Very well," a cold smile formed on Delroy's lips.

"Let's go over there," he said to Hank.

But Zen shook his head and said, "If you want to get close to the Tower of Crystal, I'm afraid it won't be as easy as you think..."

"What do you mean?" Delroy asked with a frown. The rest of them frowned as well. Seeing was believing, as the saying went. Although Zen looked serious, they still doubted his words unless they saw the Tower of Crystal themselves.

Zen answered seriously, "Because no warrior above the Virtual Tribulation Realm is allowed into the Cursed Land. Anyone who goes there will die."

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