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   Chapter 1231 Shooting

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"Z..Z..Zen.. It's Zen!"

said one of Simon's men as he trembled in fear.

But Simon didn't need to be reminded. He had already seen Zen himself.

In truth, Zen was the only person that the remaining confederates of the Heavenly Evil Sect were afraid of. The scene of Zen killing Eddie was etched in their minds. It haunted them like a nightmare, one that they might not forget for the rest of their lives.

Simon was extremely nervous, but his mind was racing. He first sized up Zen and discovered that he had broken through to the Life and Death Realm!

Zen was currently at the first level of the Life and Death Realm.

Despite that, he still had a chance to escape. Since Zen had returned to the Central Region, Simon thought that he could choose to leave the Central Region and escape overseas and never set foot in the Central Region again.

However, when Simon glanced at the people around Zen, his face darkened, revealing an expression of utter despair.

He could not read the strength of these people. This could only mean one thing—the gap between him and them was far more than a realm. A bitter taste filled Simon's mouth, which was even more bitter than the most toxic poison he had made.

"Is he the guy you want to kill? Do you need some help? If you want to kill him, one swipe will finish him." Woody raised his black saber and glanced at Simon casually.

Meanwhile Delroy and the others just closed their eyes and concentrated on their cultivation. They didn't bother dealing with a Life and Death Realm warrior from the Lower World. A warrior at such a level was nothing more than an ant to them. Why would they bother about an ant?

Zen obviously knew that Woody didn't really want to help him. They just didn't want to waste time here. So Zen just shook his head and said, "I'll handle this person myself," he said.

Suddenly Simon took out two black beads. Although he was in despair, he still had a desire to live. Seeing that Zen was about to attack him, Simon's life vitality suddenly surged.

He crushed the two black beads in his hands and they emitted black poisonous mists, and his surging life vitality instantly made these mists spread!

"Oh Lord! Ah…"

"How can you…"

"I… I…"

Simon's subordinates did not expect him to activate the black beads without any warning. The poison contained in them was very powerful. The faces of the few Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors nearby immediately turned black and they instan


He froze mid-air. His remaining life vitality was still working, causing him to float in the air.

After a few seconds when his life vitality dispersed, his body fell from the sky like a heavy sandbag, smashing into a hill with a loud crash.


Zen turned the longbow lightly and put it back in his space ring. Then he smiled at Max and said, "Thank you, Max. I've already killed the person I wanted to."

Some confederates of the Heavenly Evil Sect still remained, but the Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists meant nothing to him. It was not worth his time or energy to kill them.

It had taken Zen only a quarter of an hour, from the beginning when they had set out from Oracle City to the time they had arrived at the Southern Sky Mountain to kill Simon.

Max nodded slightly. Since Zen had settled all his matters, they could finally head back. Next, they would set off to find the Tower of Crystal.

Soon after, Hank operated the Eight-diagram Wheel and returned to the Oracle City. At this time, everyone was gathered in front of the Heavenly Stellar Palace. When they saw that the Eight-diagram Wheel had returned, the three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance and Letitia were in a state of confusion. It had only been a while since they left. How did they return so quickly?

To their surprise, Zen told them that he had already killed Simon at the Southern Sky Mountain…

Zen's efficiency stunned everyone. If one wanted to slaughter a chicken, one would have to sharpen the knife first. But, in such a short period of time, Zen had already taken the life of Simon, who was thousands of miles away.

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