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Woody's face had signs of clear dissatisfaction. Max, however, asked, "I'm not in a hurry. But Zen, why do you want to borrow the Eight-diagram Wheel?"

Zen smiled and explained, "I have an enemy who is hiding in the Central Region and I want to kill him before I leave. Our feud has gone on long enough, I believe."

Those who knew about Simon were really surprised when they heard Zen's resolution. He wanted to kill his enemy right now? More importantly, it was Simon he wanted to kill?

The way they saw it, although Simon was building up his forces, he was still not as flippant and impudent as Eddie was. In fact, he could even be described as cautious in his actions. The World Commercial Alliance was well informed and had a remarkable number of intelligence sources in the Central Region, but they couldn't be able to find him anytime soon.

An interesting aspect about people whose cultivation had reached a realm higher than the Soul Sea Realm was that their temper was known to be short. They were already impatient and would get pissed off real soon. Furthermore, they didn't seem to have a good rapport with Zen.

Dillon spoke up and tried to warn Zen, "Zen, a clever rabbit has three burrows. It's going to take us a long time before we can unearth Simon's location. If he finds out that you've returned to the Central Region, he might even not dare to show up. Please take your time."

Zen waved off the warning. How could he allow Simon to pose potential danger to him? If chances were that Simon would stay in seclusion and become a hermit who stood aloof from worldly matters, Zen might have let him go. After all, he didn't like killing, but he was determined to kill his enemies without fail. If the person in front of him was not guilty beyond forgiveness, he would let him or her go.

However, Simon was the kind of person who did not know what was good for him and actually wanted to try and reestablish the Heavenly Evil Sect. He had even tried that while Zen was away from the Central Region, which meant that Zen wasn't going to let him go so easily.

"Oh, that's such a trifle for us. It won't take too much time." Max nodded and continued, "Alright then. Tell us where he is hiding, and I'll have Hank control the Eight-diagram Wheel and follow you."

Woody's face was filled with indignation. In his opinion, it was one thing that Zen was an outstanding and talented warrior, but this guy was most likely just a swindler or a nobody at the Life and Death Realm. How could he be allowed to order them around? To be direct and blunt, Woody felt that Zen was not qualified.

Zen wasn't even looking at Woody. He thanked Max, "Thank you so much."

He then turned towards Letitia and Margaret and told them, "You guys hang on. I'll be right back!"

"But Zen, Simon..." Dillon was still worried.

Zen gave him a calm smile to set him ease. "Mr. Shi, don't worry. I know what I'm doing."

With a slight whistle, the Ancestral Dragon left Margaret's arms and jumped into Zen's, who then stepped onto the Eight-diagram Wheel.


However, Simon had always been a cautious and maybe even a paranoid person. He was afraid of being cheated and wanted to send people to assassinate Letitia first.

To his disappointment, the Heavenly Stellar Palace was so well-protected that he had yet to make a move.

Today, Simon had gathered part of the old members of the Heavenly Evil Sect to discuss this issue.

Before their meeting could convene, he suddenly saw a thin line appear in the sky. Like a shooting star it was, only the moment that it appeared, it shot towards him at an extremely fast pace. Its speed was just indescribable!

"What's that?" Simon's eyelids twitched. He didn't know why, but he had a bad premonition in his heart about this. However, he couldn't pinpoint where it came from.

Upon hearing his words, several, or rather all the subordinates of the Heavenly Evil Sect also raised their heads and turned around to look at the strange, newly-appeared object.

"It's an abnormal phenomenon!"

"Thank you for stating the obvious!""Are we going to get a secret treasure today?"

"Should we fly up and take a look?"

No one could figure out where the streak had come from, and their faces were full of curiosity. Perhaps Simon was the only one who had a bad feeling about this.

However, as it flew, the line, which had originally been flying parallel to the ground, slightly changed its direction and began heading straight towards Simon and his men.

Simon's eyes opened wide as a sense of danger arose from the depths of his soul. Although he still couldn't see clearly what it was, he was sure that it definitely wasn't a good thing for him. What if that thing hit him? The momentum it carried was terrifying due to its high speed and he still didn't know what or how heavy it was!

Only six seconds after the Eight-diagram Wheel had appeared in front of Simon, it steadily stopped above him and began to descend.

When Zen's figure appeared in front of Simon, his entire body was like a carved stone. He was terrified instantly.

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