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   Chapter 1229 Borrowing The Eight-diagram Wheel

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As Zen narrated the dangerous moments, life vitality began to flash across Letitia's slender fingers. A blue, icy chill slithered through Zen's clothes and hit his chest.

Normally, this kind of a chill could not hurt Zen. However, the force of it was too strong, and he could still feel the piercing cold when not using his life vitality to block it. She was as if scolding him for taking such risks.

The two of them lost track of time as they talked and confided in each other, the world outside forgotten. An hour passed by quietly.

Some time later, strange sounds of some animal echoed in the sky. "Caw! Caw!" A furry figure descended rapidly.

The little thing was born with the ability to fly. It was able to bypass the restraints of the fifth layer of Space Law and directly jump out of the refracted space.

However, it had only been short while since it was born. Although flying came to it naturally, it was not something it was skilled at yet. Due to incorrect estimation of the distance and its inexperience in controlling the speed, it whirled down from the sky and smashed to the ground like a meteorite, creating a huge pit.

Letitia let out a small cry and frowned, vexed that their romantic time was disturbed like this. She looked at the little thing in the pit with annoyance, asking, "What is this?"

"Caw, Caw!"

The Ancestral Dragon had originally been placed on the Eight-diagram Wheel. Perhaps because it had been separated from Zen for too long that it was unhappy and had jumped off the wheel.

It shook its head with vigor to shake off the dirt on its body, rushing toward Zen the very next moment.

At the moment, Zen was holding Letitia in his arms. The little Ancestral Dragon butted in and forcibly pushed Letitia to the side. It made some noises as if in disapproval of Letitia.

Seeing this, Zen was both irritated and amused. Although he had come to obtain this small dragon, he had not communicated much with this little dragon on his way back from the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place. He had never expected it to be so jealous…

The Ancestral Dragon had imprinted on Zen. It regarded Zen as its family, so in its mind, it would not allow anyone else to get closer to Zen.

However, Letitia was somewhat indignant at being intruded upon by this unexpected animal. The Ancestral Dragon's appearance was peculiar indeed. It looked similar to a seahorse, so at first sight she didn't recognize that it was, in fact, a dragon. She reached out to push it to the side coarsely.

However, as soon as

rby. The wheel rotated slowly as six people stood on top of it. Beside them, a woman lay on the side. It was Brianna from the Dragon Lineage Human.

Whether it was the six people standing or the woman lying down, they were all powerful in their cultivation. The aura they emanated far surpassed that of mighty warriors of the Soul Sea Realm.

Wry smiles were evident on the faces of Hobbes and the rest. The people that Zen brought back were more intimidating than the previous ones, but what was troubling was that this time they didn't even seem to be friendly with Zen himself! Any of these individuals could destroy the Central Region with a simple flick of their hands. It was not a wise decision to offend them.

They were cold, aloof, and didn't seem to like anyone approaching them. Dillon, who had the gift of the gab, could not find any opportunity to speak up. The difference in strength was too great and made him lose the courage to talk.

Facing Woody's cold face, Zen's expression was indifferent. "It has only been two hours, why are you in such a hurry?" he asked in a monotone voice.

"Humph. I have a lot of time, but there is no reason to waste it on you," Woody responded, snorting dismissively.

Zen smiled faintly. His gaze passed by Woody and landed on someone else. He cupped his hands at Max, who was at a little distance. "Max, thank you for bringing me back to the Central Region. However, I have one more thing left to do before we set out. I want to borrow the Eight-diagram Wheel from you."

Hearing this, Woody was even more displeased. "What? You still want to waste more of our time? How about we just stay and live here with you?" he asked mockingly.

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