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   Chapter 1228 Letitia Woke Up

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Updated: 2019-09-21 02:05

After her life energy was drained, Letitia's appearance did not change. However, anyone who saw her could feel that the life energy in her body was very weak and could only keep her sleeping.

With the continuous infiltration of the life energy of the life crystal, Letitia's pale and haggard face started to change.

Her paleness gradually faded away and her cheeks became flushed once again. She now looked like she had regained her strength and energy.

As for Margaret and Dorothea, they could also feel the life energy in Letitia's body increasing rapidly. They could feel like she was suddenly emitting a strong life energy. Letitia was originally like a withered tree, but now new buds began to sprout and roots began to spread, giving people a sense of vitality and hope once again.

Letitia had now absorbed all the life energy contained in the life crystal. Zen stared at her, his eyes filled with anxiety.

"Why doesn't she wake up?" he murmured.

His eyes gradually darkened. The biggest reason for him to go to the Divine Kingdom Continent was to find a way to save Letitia. The life crystal was his only hope.

She had absorbed all of its life energy and she looked better, so why was she still unconscious?


Margaret felt sorry for him and was hoping to console him. Zen, however, was like an iron statue, standing where he was without moving an inch.

A look of surprise covered Dorothea's face, and her mouth opened slightly. She knew that after most of Letitia's life energy had been drained by the Life and Death Wind, her body had activated its self-protection mechanism and forced itself to go to sleep. Only by doing so, Letitia would be able to save the last bit of life energy that she had within her.

The flower in Dorothea's right eye turned slightly and an intangible sensation spread through her. Soon, a smile appeared on her face. Her talent was the flower in her right eye. She was much more sensitive towards souls than other cultivators of the same level. That was when she realized that Letitia had already woken up.

'Zen has good taste when it comes to women, ' Dorothea thought to herself. Then, using her life vitality, she told Zen, "She is awake now."

"What?" Zen's heart skipped a beat at Dorothea's words. When he saw Letitia pretending to be asleep with her eyes closed, he felt both angry and amused. Letitia had a lot of


"How about what?" Margaret was slightly stunned.

"How about you marry me?" Dorothea giggled.

When Margaret heard this, she glared at Dorothea furiously, and without containing her anger, she scolded her for the first time, "How dare you!"

Zen and Letitia embraced and kissed for a long time before separating. She stared at Zen, who was just inches away from her. She had a sweet smile on her face, but it quickly disappeared. "Eddie..." she murmured.

After being hit by the Life and Death Wind, Letitia had fallen into a deep slumber. She had no idea how long she had been unconscious, nor did she know about the battle with the Heavenly Evil Sect. Although Zen was standing before her, safe and sound, she couldn't help but worry about everything that had happened.

"He is dead. I killed him," Zen replied immediately.

Letitia nodded her head. Since Zen was standing right in front of her, Eddie's chances of survival were very low. But she could not figure out how Zen defeated Eddie and how he killed him.

Zen briefly recounted the events that happened after Letitia fell asleep. As for his journey to the Divine Kingdom Continent to find the life stones, he only mentioned it briefly.

Although Zen had concealed the hardships of the trip to the Divine Kingdom Continent, Letitia could guess that he had gone through a tough time. She leaned on Zen's chest and asked him to tell her more details. He could only answer truthfully. As she listened to Zen retell his stories, she used her fingers to lightly draw circles on his chest, her mind wandering away.

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