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   Chapter 1227 Meet Again

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The person playing the zither was none other than Margaret.

She had been missing Zen terribly ever since he had left. She didn't care about becoming his wife; her biggest wish was to stay by his side.

Even when Brent, who had also disappeared for a long time, had come to Oracle City after the Ethereal Spirit Sect had been rebuilt and offered to take her back, Margaret had turned him down.

She wanted to wait for Zen here. That way, if he returned, she would at least be able to see him as soon as he came back.

Margaret hadn't returned to the Ethereal Spirit Sect. But the World Commercial Alliance had contributed quite a bit to help rebuild the sect because of her.

The relationship between the World Commercial Alliance and the Ethereal Spirit Sect was by no means strained. And even though Margaret was a delicate woman, her strength had skyrocketed after she had activated the Purple Power Body.

Even though she was only at the Internal Elixir Realm right now, she was strong enough that she could be counted as one of the top three warriors in the Central Region, thanks to the power that she drew from the Purple Power World.

On that particular day, Margaret had summoned countless huge swords and killed countless warriors of the Heavenly Evil Sect. That scene was still fresh in everyone's mind. If Zen was key to fighting the Heavenly Evil Sect, then it could be said that Margaret was the second most important person.

But Margaret was not as well-known as Zen, and a majority of the warriors did not even know how the huge swords had appeared. Other than a few strong warriors, most people did not know that there was such a powerful woman in the Central Region.

That was because Margaret had been spending most of her time in the Heavenly Stellar Palace. She could tolerate each passing hour, but her longing for Zen had been increasing with each passing day.

Sometimes, when she was in a good mood, she would instruct the servant girl to bring the unconscious Letitia out to bask in the sun. She herself would concentrate on playing the zither, and this, more often than not, eased her yearning for Zen.

When Margaret heard footsteps behind her, she thought it was her servant girl, Faye. She had asked her to fetch the tea that she'd made, but there was no response from Faye. The string of the zither in her hand twisted slightly and her brow creased. Margaret was still the same old arrogant young miss; it was just that she would hide her true colors before Zen. She got angry when Faye didn't respond.

"Faye?" Margaret's voice had an ominous ring to it. She twisted the zither string in her hand and it began to vibrate at her irritation. Her yearning for Zen was the reason behind her agitation.

"Why aren

ally touched the Life and Death Wind, she would've been dead already. How could you have kept her alive? What's more, you can't even bring the Life and Death Wind from the Netherworld River."

"It's a secret," Zen said with a cunning smile. Letitia's survival was also a part of the Heavenly Fragment's contribution, and it restrained the Law of Causality in the Life and Death Wind. Zen of course wouldn't explain too much to Dorothea. So he merely concentrated on doing his job. He took out a life crystal from his space ring.

This life crystal was almost completely formed from life energy. The life energy within it was far more than that contained within a life stone.

Dorothea's eyes lit up at the sight of the life crystal in Zen's hand. "That's great!"

Not just Dorothea. Everyone, including the three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance outside the Heavenly Stellar Palace, had felt a strong life energy radiating from it when Zen had brought out the life crystal.

The life crystal was rare even in the Upper World. However, Dorothea had originally wanted to say that it would be a waste to use it that way. But considering that Zen had obtained it, she felt that she was not qualified to speak.

It was as if Zen was holding not a piece of ore, but a living creature that radiated a strong life energy in all directions.

He placed the life crystal on Letitia's face and gently pinched it. The surface of the life crystal cracked, and Zen retracted his hand fast as lightning. The life energy was like a living thing and would enter the body of the nearest creature, and Zen was afraid that the life energy would enter his hand.

A dense flow of life energy floated above Letitia, twisting into all kinds of irregular shapes.

After a few seconds, the dense life energy seeped into Letitia's thin lips.

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