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   Chapter 1226 The Zither Player

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Seeing that Dorothea wanted to retaliate, Zen hurriedly waved his hand. "Don't!"

The strength of the Spirit Supreme Realm martial artist was terrifying. If a Soul Sea Realm martial artist could destroy a mountain range with a wave of his hand, then her attack could probably destroy the entire Oracle City in an instant.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Those rays of light struck Zen and Dorothea but did not cause any harm to them. Zen's body was as strong as a sacred weapon, while Dorothea had her life vitality to protect her. These runes of third and fourth grades could not harm them.

"Who are you?"

"The Heavenly Stellar Palace is an important place to the World Commercial Alliance. Whoever trespasses will become our enemy!"

Dozens of figures flashed and appeared. The man in the lead had a handsome face and bright eyes. He held a curved blade in his hand. He looked at Zen with a surprised expression.

Zen smiled and shouted, "Owen!"

"Oh my God! Zen!" Owen sized up Zen a few times and his eyes flashed with happiness. "You're back!"

This was not the first time Zen had left the Central Region, nor the longest that they hadn't had any news from him. Most people often thought he was dead. Although they were still worried about him going to the four divine kingdoms this time, they knew that he would return sooner or later. They just didn't expect him to come back so early.

"But the Chaotic Ocean of Stars..."

Every other week, the World Commercial Alliance would send back news from the far east of the Central Region. The storm in the sky of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars had been triggered a few months ago.

The storm was so powerful that it could even stop the Soul Sea Realm martial artists. If martial artists from the Divine Kingdom Continent wanted to enter the Central Region, they had to wait for the storm to stop. The storm was the Central Region's natural barrier.

Since the storm had already started, the Divine Kingdom Continent and the Central Region were completely isolated. So they wondered how Zen was able to return.

Looking at the curious expression on Owen's face, Zen smiled and said, "Why is the Heavenly Stellar Palace so heavily guarded?"

Right now, the World Commercial Alliance was the most powerful in the Central Region, and Oracle City was the headquarters of the alliance. No one would dare to intrude the city.

The alliance had dispatched many guards to protect the Heavenly Stellar Palace. It seemed like they were keeping guard against someone.

Owen said, "Zen, you've been away from the Central Region for half a year, so you don't know what has been happening here. Simon is doing eve

Dorothea's reply, Zen nodded his head and said, "Mr. Shi, I'll be going in. I have the life stones with me."

Everyone nodded heads, but no one followed Zen in. They knew about his relationship with Letitia and wanted to give them privacy. Besides, the Heavenly Stellar Palace was considered a forbidden area in Oracle City. Other than Margaret and a few female servants, no one else was allowed to go in.

Zen went straight to the Heavenly Stellar Palace and Dorothea followed close behind him. There was already a servant girl waiting by the door, and seeing Zen enter, she obediently said, "Mr. Luo, Miss Ning is listening to the zither in the garden behind the palace. Please follow me."

"She's listening to the zither?" Zen could not believe her words. "She's awake?"

The day before, when Zen had secretly checked on Letitia, she was still sleeping. Now she was listening to the zither.

The servant girl smiled and said, "You will know soon enough."

After they passed through the Heavenly Stellar Palace, they came to an open backyard that was filled with all kinds of flowers and grass. There was a clear pond at the side that was filled with pink lotus flowers. The backyard looked peaceful, but Zen felt hundreds of defensive runes around.

He smiled as the beautiful sound of zither floated into his ears.

Not far away, he saw Letitia dressed in ice blue, lying on an elegant bed.

Close to her, a girl in a purple dress played the zither with greatest skills. While plucking the strings with her fingers, her life vitality surrounded her, allowing her to play music beautifully.

She was focused on playing her zither when she heard someone come behind her. Then she said to her maid expressionlessly, "Faye, bring the fresh flower tea over."

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