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   Chapter 1225 Return To Oracle City

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These seven warriors were all Spirit Supreme Realm masters and Max was probably the most powerful among them.

But even though they were remarkable, they still ran away from the Shadow Creature. So what was hiding in the dark behind of this world?

Even Zen was curious about this.

Before Max could reply, Delroy said, "That is the God Despised Race."

"The God Despised Race?" Zen repeated, his eyes flashing.

Delroy nodded and said, "It is a race that is despised by the gods. Although the Shadow Creatures are divided into many races, the largest of them is the God Despised Race."

Seeing that Zen and the others were listening curiously, Max nodded and said, "Delroy is right."

Even the universe had a back side, but compared to that of the great world, the space of the Upper World was much more stable and hence, more difficult to tear apart.

At the back side of the whole universe was a large, empty world. Though the Shadow Creatures were rare, their actual number in the back side of the universe wasn't small. The God Despised Race ruled absolutely over the Shadow Creatures. They couldn't leave the back side of the world, but they still had a great influence on the entire universe.

"A race despised by the gods... Why do the gods despise them, though?" Zen asked.

Max laughed, shook his head, and said, "I have no idea. Perhaps the world lords and Supreme Lords know the reason."

Zen nodded, but he had an extremely uncomfortable feeling, as if there was something unknown invading his body. A sense of foreboding took over his mind as he continued to ask, "Then why would the God Despised Race enter this great world?"

Zen was well aware of this sense of crisis. Ever since he had fused with the will of the great world, he had gradually become one with the entire great world. And now that he knew about the existence of such a terrifying thing at the back side of the great world, he naturally felt foreboding creep through him.

"I have no idea, but I will report this to the Celestial Position race. But whether the Celestial Position race investigates the matter or not is not up to me," Max said, looking straight ahead.

The God Despised Race was mysterious and strong, so the Spirit Supreme Realm masters would not be able to interfere with the race's actions or resist them. Max's current task was just to search for the Tower of Crystal.

Zen nodded. No matter what these Shadow Creatures wanted to do, he couldn't interfere with them with his current strength. It was better to rus

l want to go?"

"It's none of your business," Dorothea said and jumped down with Zen. Dorothea probably thought that Delroy and Woody had been too haughty and gone too far. She said to Zen, "Don't think too much about what they say. They are from the Upper World and are born with arrogance!"

Zen smiled. He hadn't taken this to heart at all.

Zen had met a lot of arrogant warriors since he had started cultivating martial arts. He had traveled to many places and noticed that there was no dearth of such people in the C County, the Imperial Capital, the Cloud Sect, and the Cloud Hall. He had gotten used to this kind of arrogance. Though the six warriors on the Eight-diagram Wheel were Spirit Supreme Realm masters, they were all arrogant like other ordinary warriors.

Two figures shot down from the sky and headed directly for the Heavenly Stellar Palace.

Through the memories of the great world, Zen knew that Letitia had been at the Heavenly Stellar Palace for the past half year. He was in a hurry to meet her and wasn't even bothered to inform the three leaders of the World Commercial Alliance.

Just as Zen landed in the Heavenly Stellar Palace, hundreds of runes suddenly appeared around it.

Zen and Dorothea were almost blinded

as all the runes simultaneously emitted rays of brilliant light. The light flew towards Zen and Dorothea.

"Do you have a death wish?"

Dorothea did not know what was going on, and became angry as the flower in her right eye started spinning.

The power of these rays of light was nothing to Dorothea, but the consequences of attacking her would be severe. She could strike back with a strength that could debilitate anyone.

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