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   Chapter 1224 The Seven Stars Plate

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The seven people from the Celestial Position race didn't understand how Zen could break the black wind blades.

Fifteen hundred miles away, there stood a mountain in the sea. It was estimated that it stood at a height of hundreds of feet above sea level. Zen directed the power to the mountain and eight explosions burst out in quick succession.

The mountain looked colorful. It had remained unharmed over the millions of years it had been in the violent storm of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars, constantly slashed by the black wind blades.

This mountain was the Magnetic Sacred Mountain that had been lost to the Chaotic Ocean of Stars.

Most part of the mountain was hidden under the sea and only a small part stuck out of the water. Fierce waves swept and crashed against it and the wind blades kept cutting at it, but the mountain stood erect and unshakable.

When Zen had fought against the terrible force of the Heavenly Tribulation, he had shifted all the force to the five million mountains in the great world. It caused every mountain, except the ones in the Eastern Region, to be destroyed.

Zen hadn't damaged the great world on purpose and he wasn't willing to do so either. He had felt sorry, guilty even, and thought that maybe he had done so for his own sake. The Magnetic Sacred Mountain was so firm that nothing could harm it. He should have shifted the force to the Magnetic Sacred Mountain. It was a pity that the situation had been urgent at the time, and he hadn't been able to think of it carefully before going ahead with his plan.

He had learned a lesson from that incident and he became more cautious from then on, careful not to make the mistake again.

A whirring sound announced that the Eight-Diagram Wheel was flying forward.

The seven people of the Celestial Position race resisted the dense black wind blades with everything they had.

Max held on to his crutch and said anxiously, "Delroy, we can't go on like this. Sacrifice something you have!"

"I've already used my Seven Stars Plate five times! I don't want to waste it again," Delroy said reluctantly.

Delroy owned a precious treasure called the Seven Stars Plate. It was a kind of a supreme divine weapon, but it could only be used seven times. Over the years, Delroy had survived several crises by relying on this Seven Stars Plate. It could be said that the seven opportunities of using the plate meant that it could save his life seven times.

Which was why he really hated the idea of wasting one of his valuable opportunities here.


's question reminded the others about what had just happened. Woody and Dorothea had just calmed down and hadn't gotten to think about it. Everyone looked inquiringly at Zen. "You broke those wind blades with your fists. How are you not injured?" Dorothea asked, coming over to Zen, grabbing his hands, and examining them.

Zen didn't know how to answer this question. He just chuckled and said, "Compared to yours, mine is just an insignificant skill."

Dorothea raised an eyebrow. "You don't want to tell us?"

"It's really hard to explain," Zen smiled and said.

They knew that Zen was acting modest and hiding something. But they couldn't really force him to tell them his secret. After all, everyone had their own secrets to keep. Moreover, Zen was not their enemy and bore no hostility towards them. If it was confirmed that Zen had really attained the title, no matter what the title, they would be comrades-in-arms.

Everyone lapsed into silence as they looked at the dense wind blades raging outside the enchanted barrier. Even the great masters in the Spirit Supreme Realm felt small and weak in the face of nature and its omnipotence. "Max, what is the creature that followed us in the void? The big head." Zen broke the silence.

The storm was severe but the Spirit Supreme Realm masters were powerful enough to handle it. They could block the wind blades using their skills despite how troublesome the blades were. And going by Delroy and Max's conversation, it looked like they still had other skills to manage the storm.

But when the big head had chased them in the void, Max's face had paled with fear. 'What in the Lower World could make him so frightened?' Zen wondered.

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