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   Chapter 1223 Black Wind Blades

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The space crack in front of them was quickly ripped open by Max's crutch. Seeing that, Delroy clapped his hands and swiftly opened his palms. In an instant, an enchanted barrier spread open in the crack.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…"

The ominous whoosh of the wind reminded them of their limited time as the thing behind them got closer and closer.

Even without his magical vision, Zen was still able to make out the gigantic outline of a head that had opened its huge mouth, intending to swallow the Eight-diagram Wheel in one gulp.

The Eight-diagram Wheel was around fifty feet wide but it looked like a tiny mosquito compared to that huge, cavernous mouth.

If one turned around and squinted, he or she would be able to make out a few shadows that resided within that mouth. However, it was too dim around that they couldn't distinguish the shape of these shadows. The horrible outlines of these mysterious beings caused a shiver to run up everyone's spine.

The Shadow Creature advanced at a frighteningly fast rate, quickly closing the distance with the warriors. Failure to go through the space crack and get out of the void in time would mean death by being swallowed into its huge, gaping mouth.

At that moment, Hank suddenly took out a sharp weapon. Clenching his teeth, he cut his wrist open and slapped on the Eight-diagram Wheel!


Instead of red, a stream of golden blood burst out and was immediately absorbed by the Eight-diagram Wheel.

"Let's go!"


Hank's blood obviously activated something in the Eight-diagram Wheel as rays of bright light suddenly burst out and it increased its speed two-fold!

The light also illuminated the shadows that they had all noticed earlier and everyone gasped in astonishment at what they saw.

Delroy and Max, however, looked more nervous than shocked, seemingly already aware of what they were currently facing.

Thankfully, because of its increased speed, the Eight-diagram Wheel was finally able to enter the space crack!

Seeing its prey have escaped, the Shadow Creature suddenly let out a cold aura that spread and covered the entirety of the Eight-diagram Wheel.

This aura contained a variety of negative emotions like the desire for violence, bloodlust, cruelty, and reluctance to admit defeat.

"Humph! That thing can only survive in the void. Once it steps out, it would be like a fish out of water and will surely not survive. It won't dare come out and chase us," Max huffed with a cold snort just as they rushed out of the void. His words might have been sure but his face was still as pale as ever.

However, just as he finished his words, they heard the sharp whistle of the wind above th

e and wonder, the black wind blades immediately shattered to pieces.

Meanwhile, Zen was in perfectly one piece, unharmed and unbothered.

Woody couldn't help but stare at him with his mouth gaping open. He was so shocked that he even forgot where he was and that there were millions of wind blades headed his way. He could only dumbly stare at Zen and wonder just how he did the stunt just now.

What was this fellow's body made of? A divine weapon? A supreme divine weapon? Or something that was even more powerful than a supreme divine weapon…

It wasn't just Woody. Dorothea, Delroy, Max, Hank, and everyone else had seen Zen's actions and the surprise on their faces was evident.

It was true that Zen had received recognition from the Celestial Position race and was regarded with a high standard. However, he was still a martial artist from the Lower World and would have to prove himself deserving of the title he had claimed.

They never did bother to find out Zen's actual strength…

What was a mere first-level Life and Death Realm warrior to a group of powerful Spirit Supreme Realm masters after all?

They didn't even take Derek, a Spirit Supreme Realm master, seriously so what more Zen? Their race was made up of elites and the gap between a human and a Celestial Position member both at the Spirit Supreme Realm was huge.

But here was Zen, breaking all these preconceived notions they had for him. Just how did he shatter those frighteningly powerful wind blades that contained five layers of the power of the Wind Law!? Sure, he might have some type of magic strength that helped him destroy the wind blades but still! Even a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior would've been instantly cut in half if he or she was hit by the wind blades but Zen was able to come out unscathed!

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