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   Chapter 1222 Shadow Creature

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Seeing his daughter leave in a rush, War King Wind was rather shocked, and it showed on his face.

Even as a king of the Divine Kingdom Continent and a top-notch warrior in the Lower World, he was nothing in front of the Spirit Supreme Realm masters.

These seven masters had been acting a little crazily from start to end. He was afraid that his daughter's behavior might irritate them somehow. While War King Wind wanted to stop her, his daughter shot out like an arrow—he couldn't stop her in time.

Caring about Fiona the most, War King Wind understood her personality rather well. He had already figured out long ago that his daughter took a fancy to Zen. She had always been so gentle and restrained—War King Wind hadn't exactly expected her to be so impulsive when it came to such matters.

Rushing out, Fiona stepped in front of Zen and stared at him with her most charming eyes. There was no smile on her face and her expression turned utterly serious.

"Will you really come back?" Fiona bit her lips and softly asked.

Seeing her expression, Zen faintly smiled and nodded cautiously, "Of course I'll be back."

Though she seemed ready to speak, it was an impulse, just now. At this moment, she realized that everyone was looking at her—it made her blush. But this hesitation could only afford to last a few seconds. Sometimes, it was difficult for a young girl to do certain things. But no matter what, she immediately made up her mind—she took the necklace from her neck, walked up to Zen and put the necklace on him.

While it wasn't a precious thing, it was still her token.

"I'll wait for your return!" Fiona said. She had to put on the best-forced smile she could before turning around and leaving.

Wearing the necklace, Zen watched Fiona's back with a complicated expression. Silently, he nodded and then got on the Eight-diagram Wheel. As for Woody and the big man, they both had faint smiles on their faces—both of which Zen chose to ignore.

In addition to Zen and the other seven members of the Celestial Position, Brianna was brought into the wheel.

As the Eight-diagram Wheel slowly rotated, the warriors inside flew into the space hole. Not long after, the Eight-diagram Wheel disappeared from the members of the divine kingdoms. After Delroy removed the enchanted barrier of the space crack, it diminished rapidly. The crack was considered as something like the 'wound' of the great world. Originally, the world had the ability to self-heal—such a w

ealthy world. After surveying the area for a moment, his gaze fell on something behind him. His eyes widened in shock as he shouted, "What is that?"

A giant head, tens of thousands of feet away from the Eight-diagram Wheel, rapidly followed behind them.

The head looked like that of a human being, but it was as large as a mountain. Instead of hair on its head, there sat numerous thick pythons.

Unlike the others, Zen could make use of his magic vision to observe the giant head from a distance.

"What do you see?" Max asked nervously. It was no easy task for them to deal with the Shadow Creature, after all. And while Max was curious about how Zen saw the creature, he didn't dare question him.

Zen could see the head approaching them. "A head… a huge head!"

"A head?"

After a moment of pondering, the fear sank in as Max's eyes widened. "This is terrible… How could such a thing exist in the shadow of the great world?"

Delroy looked devastated as he spoke in a trembling voice, "Oh no… Leave this void right now!"

"Leave the void? But the outside area is the sky above the Chaotic Ocean of Stars! This Star Storm is also..." Zen began uttering.

But Max merely snorted at his reaction. "Compared to that creature, the Star Storm is nothing at all! Delroy, get ready!" With that, Max swung his cane in front of him once again. It was obvious that this time, Max had made complete use of his power, charged through his cane.


With such great power, the cracking sounds of the space began blending—it was extremely ear-piercing, as if tens of thousands of people were scraping their nails against a screeching surface.

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