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   Chapter 1221 A Bet

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The seven of them could do nothing about the sealed Evil Dragon. They could only send for more capable and powerful Celestial Position warriors from the Upper World.

In comparison, the Tower of Crystal was even more important.

Although Max and his men didn't believe that Zen had gained the title of the golden Celestial Position, they really wanted to see how Zen had obtained recognition from the Talent Tablet. Was his talent listed on the second row or the first row of the Talent Tablet? Or had he obtained a bronze title?

All these doubts needed to be clarified.

But Zen said rather nonchalantly, "I will take you to the Tower of Crystal, but before that, I still have something important to do."

Zen had planned that after he obtained the life crystals, he would return to the Central Region as soon as possible. But his plan had been delayed since he had promised the cyan dragon that he would enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land to take out the Ancestral Dragon Egg.

He had obtained the Ancestral Dragon, but it was hard to say where it would belong in the end.

Even if this Ancestral Dragon had an imprinting of him on it, the Celestial Position would never give it up. Moreover, Derek was also here, watching him covetously, and Zen was sure that he would not give up easily.

But Zen was not worried. Neither Derek nor the warriors of the Celestial Position had shown absolute hostility towards him. Furthermore, he had obtained the title of the golden Celestial Position in the Tower of Crystal, so he only needed to cooperate with them. But before that, he had to return to the Central Region to save Letitia.

"Important thing? Is that an excuse for you to back away?" Woody said coldly. Even if Zen possessed the mark of the Celestial Position, he had only gained recognition. Woody felt that Zen had boasted about his achievements, but didn't dare try to prove it for fear of being caught.

Zen looked witheringly at Woody as he replied, "I am not from the Divine Kingdom Continent. I came here only to seek life stones to save someone. If you don't believe me, you can search for the Tower of Crystal in this great world yourself. This great world isn't too big for you, is it?"

Although this great world was not that big, it was still difficult to accurately pinpoint the location of the Sea God Continent. The four divine kingdoms were relatively close to the Central Region, but the Sea God Continent was too far away. It was not that the several warriors of the Celestial Position could not find it. But if Zen did not provide the coordinates and direction, it would be impossible for them to find the Tower of Crystal in a short period of time.

"Humph! It's so simple! We can directly search your soul. Dorothea is most

again raised his cane and gently waved it in the air before bringing it down in a sharp slash. An irregular space crack appeared out of thin air.

"Delroy, open it," Max ordered.

Delroy nodded and walked towards the space crack that was over a hundred feet high. He stretched his hand and sent an enchanted barrier shooting out of it. Shortly after, the enchanted barrier started to rapidly expand. Cracking sounds rent the air before the enchanted barrier succeeded in opening the space crack. A small space hole had appeared.

Hank took out the Eight-diagram Wheel that was several dozen feet wide. It grew as the wind came at it and it was pretty obvious that this was their treasure to fly.

Woody and the rest of the group followed Max and jumped onto the Eight-diagram Wheel. Dorothea then looked at Zen and said, "Alright, let's go!"

Zen nodded. His eyes turned towards the group containing Fiona and Randy, and looked at them wistfully yet fondly. Although he hadn't been in the Divine Kingdom Continent for very long, he had made many friends.

A variety of thoughts flitted through the minds of the group Zen was looking at. Zen had saved them several times, but if it weren't for Zen, they wouldn't have been able to return from the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. Even their fathers and all the other Soul Sea Realm masters of the four divine kingdoms wouldn't have survived without Zen's help.

They were grateful to Zen, but now, Randy and the others were reluctant to part with him.

They couldn't talk to Zen, given the current situation. Even the four rulers chose to remain silent in the presence of this group of Spirit Supreme Realm warriors.

As their gazes met, Zen smiled and said, "I will come back!"

He had barely finished talking when Fiona suddenly turned into a fiery red shadow and ran towards Zen.

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