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   Chapter 1220 Condition

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A range of emotions, complicatedly intertwined with each other, flitted across Derek's face as he learned that these seven were from the Celestial Position race.

The Celestial Position race did not have a good reputation in the Upper World. It had a mixed background and a small population, but almost all of its members were elites.

But the biggest problem was that they were a bunch of lunatics.

Derek had originally hoped to scare these people by revealing the force that backed him. Although the force of the Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment was the weakest of the three great human powers, it still occupied 2, 000 Supreme Worlds. It wasn't inferior to any race.

If he had known that these people belonged to the Celestial Position race, Derek wouldn't have even bothered to talk.

The problem, however, was that he had to get the Ancestral Dragon.

The Soul Sea Realm masters of the four divine kingdoms stood aside and did not say anything. After all, the Ancestral Dragon would not fall into their hands, no matter what happened. If Derek was powerful, he could just snatch it from their hands.

Derek rolled his eyes before saying, "So you all are from the Celestial Position race. But I've been trying to get the Ancestral Dragon for—"

Max interrupted Derek impatiently, "No matter how much effort you've put in, hoping for this bunch of natives to enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land to obtain the Ancestral Dragon's egg was nothing more than a dream. We were the ones who hatched the Ancestral Dragon and took it out."

Woody and the burly man were fiddling with the weapons in their hands, staring at Derek and grinning from time to time. It looked like they were quite eager to fight him.

Derek said, "Even though you are from the Celestial Position race, you can't be so unreasonable—"

Woody and the burly man were charging at him even before he could finish talking, trying to attack him without warning.

The Spirit Supreme Realm warriors had a speed that was absolutely terrifying.

The two men were aggressive as they attacked Derek, the crowd watching closely.


But Derek was fast. As the two men moved forward, he retreated putting thousands of feet between them, shouting, "Stop! We can talk about it!" The small shield in his hand transformed into a ray of multi-colored light, blocking any attack from the front.

The two men cursed in unison, moving back to Max's side.

The Soul Sea Realm masters of the four divine kingdoms

ely excited, no matter how much she hated Dorothea.

Dorothea giggled, temporarily forgetting about Zen and returning to be her cheerful self. She smiled and said, "The condition is that you have to marry me. What do you think?"

"Ahem!" Zen began coughing violently.

The Celestial Position race warriors shook their heads in exasperation. They knew about Dorothea's personality and her sexual orientation very well.

Brianna was silent, not knowing what to say at that moment.

She was not like Dorothea. She was not gay, and it was impossible for her to fall in love with a woman, but the Soul Sealing Spell was much more torturous when compared to the prospect of being married to her.

At Brianna's silence, Dorothea blinked and said, "You also know that breaking the Soul Sealing Spell is going to be quite troublesome. I have to ask someone to help me, and I will have to pay a heavy price. This condition isn't too much, is it?"

Zen shook his head, but didn't say anything. He didn't have anything to do with the relationship between these two women.

He had left the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. He had also obtained the Ancestral Dragon and the life crystals to save Letitia. He would first return to the Central Region to wake Letitia up, and then bring this bunch of people to the Sea God Continent to find the Tower of Crystal.

He didn't know what Brianna and Dorothea were talking about, but in the end, Dorothea flashed a very satisfied smile. It looked like the two of them had reached an agreement.

Max said to Zen, "We better not stay here any longer. Since you know where the Tower of Crystal is, take us there immediately!"

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