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   Chapter 1219 Return To Their Own Bodies

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Although the blue arrows were supposed to be extremely strong, they could not pierce through Delroy's enchanted barrier.

Under its protection, everyone easily passed through the Road of Saints even under the constant barrage of arrows and entered the Divine Emperor Secret Land.

"So that's it! The Heavenly Stellar Secret Land is connected to a huge cemetery. No wonder you all took over corpses to pass through. These corpses must have come from the cemetery, if I am not mistaken?" Max asked.

Although as members of the Celestial Position race, they all looked down on the strength of the warriors from the Lower World, the seven people of the company simply had to admire the way they had figured out to avoid being affected by the blood sacrifice.

"That's correct." Zen nodded slightly.

"Then where are your actual bodies?" Max's curiosity was aroused.

"They are on the other side of the Divine Emperor Island," Zen replied.

Normally, when they were returning, the warriors of the four divine kingdoms would place the corpses back in their coffins as they passed through the cemetery. That was what they had been doing every time they had come here.

After all, there were very few corpses in the cemetery which had been preserved properly. In fact, the corpses of Soul Sea Realm warriors in prime condition were extremely difficult to get, and every time they used corpses, some wear and tear showed up.

If these corpses were casually thrown away every time they used them, it was likely that there would not be enough corpses for them to use next time.

This time, however, these Soul Sea Realm masters didn't place the corpses back in their coffins. They controlled the corpses and passed through the cemetery, heading towards the coast of the Divine Emperor Island.

Several Soul Sea Realm masters were guarding the coast of the Divine Emperor Island. After all, so many people had gone inside, and if their bodies were destroyed while they were in soul forms, things were going to be extremely troublesome. They would be left with no physical existence at all.

Derek, Marine, and the others had not entered the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land and were also present there.

Numerous spirit shrines were lined up on the shore, one after the other, and the bodies of the Soul Sea Realm masters who had entered the secret land were sitting on the ground in a meditative posture.

"They're back! They're back!" shouted a mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm who was keeping an eye out while the others guarded the place.

Marine's and Derek's eyes lit up. But then they noticed the corpses and their eyes revealed a strange expression. "What's going on? Why didn't they drop the corpses in the cemetery?" Marine asked in astonishment.

Derek's gaze was fixed upon a young lady in the front of the group. She seemed to be carrying something. In her arms was a furry little thing. Although it looked very strange and didn't look like any animal, the aura that leaked out from it was v

er in his hand, slowly walking over towards Derek.

Both of them were at the Spirit Supreme Realm, and they had discovered that fact instantly. However, the seven Celestial Position warriors did not take Derek seriously as he was alone. Derek knew that he was too weak against seven people. Furthermore, the Ancestral Dragon was in Zen's hands, so he did not care about the seven warriors. He tried to flatter Zen.

Derek's face immediately darkened at Woody's words. "Who do you think you are? I work for the Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment..."

Derek knew that he probably wasn't a match for these seven people. Their aura was astonishing. Fortunately, his backing was well-known throughout the whole universe. Facing these experts of the same cultivation level as him, Derek could only bring out his backing.

However, just as he was proudly announcing it, the burly man in front of him laughed and said, "Ha-ha! How funny! Are you trying to scare us by mentioning a Supreme Lord? You can use that move to deceive the warriors of the Lower World. But we are from the Upper World. Your trick doesn't work on us."

"Deceive them?" Derek's eyes narrowed.

At that moment, Max cut in, "The Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment is the weakest of the three Supreme Lords. But I have to admit that a Supreme Lord is not something we can comment about or take lightly!"

"It's good that you know that!" Derek replied proudly. It was obvious that the man standing in front of him and wearing a silver mask was the most powerful among them all. He might be able to fight the other six one-on-one, but he had no confidence in facing this foe. Therefore, Derek restrained himself when talking to him.

"But even though you work for the Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment, the Ancestral Dragon belongs to our Celestial Position race. Other races have no possibility of getting their hands on it," Max continued in a cold tone.

"Celestial Position race?" Derek's face twitched when he heard Max's words.

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