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   Chapter 1218 Verify

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Max was very sure that the girl in front of him couldn't have obtained the title of golden Celestial Position.

It wasn't that they, a group of martial artists from the Upper World, were arrogant and looked down on the creatures that came from the great world of the Lower World.

In truth, there were numerous creatures in the millions of great worlds and there were also many martial artists that had ascended to the Upper World by showing great talent and a strong warrior spirit.

There were many creatures that had made extraordinary achievements after they ascended to the Upper World. Some of them had even become world lords or Supreme Lords.

But, generally speaking, there was a great disparity between the martial artists of the Lower World and those of the Upper World. And such disparity meant that the warriors' martial arts cultivation in the Lower World were greatly restricted since the time they were born. Restrictions existed everywhere.

For instance, the vitality of heaven and earth in the Upper World was much more violent than that in the Lower World. The creatures that nurtured by the vitality of heaven and earth in the Upper World were stronger than those nurtured by the vitality of heaven and earth in the Lower World.

In addition, there was also great disparity in resources, inheritances, and more between the Upper World and the Lower World.

For this reason, they couldn't believe what Dorothea said.

"Dorothea, don't forget the most important point. This woman said that she gained the recognition of the Celestial Position but I couldn't sense the existence of the mark of our Celestial Position on her. She's lying!" Delroy said again.

Everyone's eyes flashed. They were so shocked by Dorothea's words that they forgot about what was truly important.

To be acknowledged by the Celestial Position, one had to have his or her name on or above the second row of the Talent Tablet. If a person reached that level, the Talent Tablet would secretly put the mark of the Celestial Position on his or her body.

Right now, they couldn't sense the mark on the woman's body. This meant that the woman was either lying, or had indeed entered the Talent Tablet and taken the test, but failed to have her name reach even the second row.

Dorothea nodded. "Yes, I didn't sense the mark on her body either. However, the physical body isn't hers to begin with, the person inside simply took over it." Dorothea wavered in her belief after everyone offered their opinion in denial. Even though all facts supported her guess, she now felt that the absence of the mark was suspicious. Without it, the woman in front of her couldn't possibly hold the title of the golden Celestial Position.

"We can easily verify this. We just need to find the real body of the soul inside her and take a look. It's an easy job." The tall and sturdy m


From the sky above the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place, a thin line extending from the center of the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place could be seen all the way to the edge of the land.

"Alright, you decide!" Woody smiled. To him, it didn't matter whether these rats died or not.

The flower in Dorothea's right eye gently turned and removed the confinement on War King Wind and the rest of the warriors. All the corpses were free from the spell.

Even so, none of the Soul Sea Realm masters chose to run away.

The corpses they occupied could not use the life vitality. They couldn't even fly or run fast enough. They simply had no power to resist the seven powerful masters at the Spirit Supreme Realm. If they tried to escape, they would be killed.

"Let's go now. Your physical body shouldn't be too far away from the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place, right?" Delroy said indifferently.

"How far can it be? This great world isn't even that big." the burly man sneered.

Zen didn't reply to the provocations. He turned to War King Wind and the others and said, "Everyone, let's go together!"

The martial artists of the four divine kingdoms silently nodded and followed Zen. As for the seven powerful masters of the Spirit Supreme Realm, they followed right behind everyone else.

It took them about five minutes to leave the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place. After the transmission array was recovered, the group once again entered the Feather Holy Sea. They would travel along the Road of Saints in the Feather Holy Sea and return to where they set off.

When they reached the Road of Saints, all the mighty warriors of the Soul Sea Realm took out their huge shields. They planned to use them to block the blue arrows.

Delroy smiled and said, "No need to use these!" Then, he gently waved his hand. His life vitality flashed and an enchanted barrier appeared, enveloping everyone within.

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