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   Chapter 1217 Doubts

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When they heard about the existence or rather the presence of the Black Star, the Celestial Position warriors finally understood what had happened.

The Black Star did not adorn the list of the most powerful weapons in the Upper World, mostly because of the fact that it was just a pickax and not suitable as a weapon.

However, it was a supreme divine weapon; this meant that the Black Star was extremely useful in certain scenarios. So one could definitely call it a treasure, and it would be easily worth a king's ransom.

The middle-aged scholarly man named Delroy gave a slight nod. "Ah! I see! No wonder she broke my enchanted barrier. I was curious just how someone from the Lower World was able to do that. Turns out it wasn't her own strength."

He had obtained a title from the Tower of Illusory. And a title of Asura was not to be taken lightly, no matter what its color. The title that the man had received was bronze, but was the highest bronze title one could get. That alone was enough to make him extremely proud of himself and equally confident in his abilities.

To his knowledge, no warrior from the Lower World could ever shatter his enchanted barrier. A Law of Causality that had with it associated a sort of "Relative Defense" was in that enchanted barrier. Who among the natives of the Lower World could figure out how to use a Law of Causality?

Yet that was his knowledge. And even though Delroy's thoughts were mostly correct, he had still underestimated the warriors of the Lower World. For example, Eddie from the Central Region had once used the Nameless Saber to activate a Law of Causality—the Life and Death Wind. This only partially violated Delroy's beliefs. Eddie did not know about the Law of Causality and had only lured the Life and Death Wind over from the Netherworld River.

Zen's situation was more or less the same as that. He did not comprehend any Law of Causality that belonged to him, but had merely relied on the one which was present inside the Black Star to destroy Delroy's enchanted barrier.

"There's no need to waste any more words now. We should just snatch the Ancestral Dragon and take it away. No wait! It is already hatched and has taken this woman as its mom. The imprinting can't be reversed. There's nothing we can do about it. Alas! All we can do is return to the Upper World and think of some other means," the burly man remarked in a thoughtful tone. He was also a little curious as to why Dorothea and Woody had not tried to snatch the Ancestral Dragon away, but instead brought the woman here.

Max, however, was smarter than the burly man. Seeing Dorothea's expression, he could see that something was up. "Dorothea, did you discover something? What are you not telling us?" he asked.

Only then did Dorothea nod and reply, "Yes! I did make a few important discoveries." After a little bit of pause, she added with a smile, "Very important discoveries indeed."

When everyone heard her cautious emphasis on the word "important," they became curious and turned their attention towards her.


hat she had obtained the golden title of Celestial Position."

The moment Dorothea said those words, the other six men lost it and started laughing out loud.

The one with the most intense reaction was Delroy. Though it wasn't physically that intense, he smiled arrogantly and then said, "Dorothea, you've gone mad. Do you know what you're talking about?"

Even Max shook his head slightly and remarked, "Dorothea, you're still lacking in experience. How can you be so naive and believe something like that?"

"Ha-ha! Dorothea, that sounds ridiculous and you're better than to fall for that. What nonsense are you spouting!" The burly man also laughed.

They simply could not believe Dorothea's words at all.

In truth, Dorothea was also skeptical of Zen's words. After all, they were empty words, without any proof.

However, her belief in Zen was based on her own judgment and she didn't care what the others thought. "Max, the Tower of Crystal has been lost since a long time ago. As far as I know, before it got lost, it had only opened for a short period of time and no one had ever managed to obtain a title from it. But this woman herself was the one who mentioned the golden title of the Celestial Position. If she didn't see it with her own eyes, how would she be able to speak of it? No such thing as a coincidence, right?" she asked.

Delroy snorted lightly and said, "What if she got some information about our Celestial Position race from somewhere. Or perhaps someone she knew got the golden title?"

"Someone else... There's no such possibility." Max shook his head.

There were a hundred thousand supreme worlds in the Upper World. The talents of every single race had already tried their best to go to the Celestial Position race's trial towers. In the history, there had been only six living creatures who had managed to obtain the golden titles of the Celestial Position. Even if there were millions of great worlds in the Lower World, it was impossible for a creature of today's generation to obtain a golden title.

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