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   Chapter 1216 Seal Itself

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The Soul Sea Realm warriors of the four divine kingdoms understood that they could only let themselves be slaughtered since they lacked the ability to fight back.

Once the Celestial Position members subdued the Evil Dragon, they would most likely kill them all. The members didn't need to kill them but there was really no merit with letting them go.

As the saying went, "The weak will stand as easy prey to the strong." They were mere ants in the eyes of these Spirit Supreme Realm warriors.

Each warrior that stood frozen against their will had differing views on their situation.

Quite a few found themselves unable to accept the reality, and one of them was War Emperor York. At first, he had been unlucky and had been used as a bait to lure the Evil Dragon. However, his fate reversed when the Evil Dragon did not swallow him up and he was able to come back alive.

Now with a second chance at life, War Emperor York was currently racking his brains trying to think of a way to escape from his current predicament.

A few others, however, were not as afraid of death. War King Wind, for instance, did not mind dying that moment though he did feel extremely guilty for bringing Fiona and Callan with him. A parent would never wish death upon his children after all.

Fiona, on the other hand, was indifferent to her own fate, too busy worrying if Zen had managed to escape.


The Evil Dragon let out another horrifying bellow, twisting its long and narrow body as it tried to drill itself back into the large crater.

"Don't let it get in! Stop it!" someone shouted.

Max, the one who wore a silver mask, held up a bent walking stick in his hand and blocked the top of the crater ahead of others.


The Evil Dragon seemed to be wary of Max and immediately fired its burning breath towards him.

The sight of devastating flames would've made anyone panic, but nobody could tell with Max because of his mask. He looked calm though, as he lightly held out his walking stick and summoned an irregular crystal shield out of nowhere, protecting him from the dragon's attack.

Noticing that its attack did nothing to its opponent, the Evil Dragon opened its mouth fully, intending to swallow Max whole.

A fully grown dragon would be big enough to wrap itself around an entire continent, but this Evil Dragon was only at its infanc

Max sighed, "Even though I've had my luck boosted, it seems there's someone out there with a luck stronger than mine."

He said those words bitterly.

As a core member of the Celestial Position race, Max had once obtained a silver-colored title in the Tower of Illusory.

After living for so long and undergoing a myriad of experiences, he had come to believe very much in destiny.

Therefore, when he saw Zen with the Ancestral Dragon, he did not get angry but simply uttered a bitter sigh.

"Dorothea, what's going on? How could you let her take the Ancestral Dragon?" the burly man cried out, staring at Zen with a deep frown. It was defeat after defeat. The Evil Dragon had sealed itself which meant all their efforts had been in vain. And now, the Ancestral Dragon egg had been taken and actually hatched by a country bumpkin who had escaped from them.

Dorothea's eyes flashed. She was too lazy to answer the burly man the moment she landed.

"Dorothea, what's going on?" Max asked. "Is it because the Ancestral Dragon hatched when she rushed into the spire?"

Dorothea nodded, "Sort of."

"But how did she break my enchanted barrier?" the scholarly man asked. He couldn't imagine just what kind of method Zen had devised to break the enchanted barrier he had set up so meticulously.

Dorothea smiled lightly. "She has a supreme divine weapon in her possession—the Black Star. No matter how strong your enchanted barrier is, Delroy, it could never hope to stand against it. The Law of Causality contained in the Black Star is much stronger than yours!"

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