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   Chapter 1215 Explanation

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Dorothea was well aware of what the real priority was.

Although the Ancestral Dragon was indeed important, it was still nothing compared to a warrior with the title of the golden Celestial Position.

Even if they found out it wasn't true, they would still be able to take away the Ancestral Dragon.

An imprinting was always troublesome, most especially the imprinting on this Ancestral Dragon. Even the Celestial Position race would have to pay a considerable price if they wanted to remove it from the Ancestral Dragon.

Still, that was only trouble—trouble that could be solved.

And no matter how much trouble they dealt with, they probably still wouldn't be able to get a warrior with the Celestial Position title. After a moment of thought, Dorothea decided to verify the matter before anything.

Seeing Zen's golden eyes remain vigilant, Dorothea knew he was still hostile toward her. With a slight smile, she said, "I won't capture you. Can you follow me?"

Albeit cautiously, Zen still nodded.

With that, Dorothea started walking down the stairs step by step, while Zen followed behind, carrying the Ancestral Dragon in his arms.

The two quickly exited the tall, pointed tower, leaving the area affected by the Time Law.

Although they spent an hour in the tower, the time flow rate they were under the influence of sped up real time by a thousand—to the outside world, they were in and out of the tower in an instant.

The moment Zen stepped outside the tower, the time flow rate around him returned to normal—all the plants around the area covered by the Time Law began to rapidly blossom, wither, and die in a cycle.


A black shadow flashed toward Zen and Dorothea, like a swallow flying through the clouds before he stopped midair. It turned out to be a man in black called Woody.

"Dorothea, what happened? Why did Delroy's enchanted barrier shatter…" he asked immediately.

But before he could finish his words, his gaze fell on Zen, who was standing still behind Dorothea. His focus shifted to the small dragon in Zen's arms. Realizing what it was, Woody's eyes shone aggressively.

"What's going on? The Ancestral Dragon… Has it already hatched?"

When Woody entered the pointed tower numerous times in the past, the Ancestral Dragon was ever-protected by a refracted space, and he was unable to take it for himself. All he could do was to make use of the time flow rate to speed up its hatching.

So even if Delroy's enchanted barrier was broken, they weren't too nervous about it—

as it buried its small head into Zen's chest—by then, it had regarded Zen as its mother, thinking that Zen could protect it by all means.

The roar was of the Evil Dragon in the distance.

On that end, Max and the other four continued suppressing the young Evil Dragon.

"Be careful! This Evil Dragon will seal himself up and undergo the fourth transformation!"

"Stop it, or we'll be in huge trouble!"

"Attack its neck. I've already cut it open…"

Boom, boom, boom...

The powerful attacks landed right on the Evil Dragon's body one after another, releasing intense light right on the surface of its body.

At the edge of the large hole, the warriors of the four divine kingdoms were still blankly staring at the battle in the sky.

The strength of these Spirit Supreme Realm masters was far beyond their imagination, but the Evil Dragon was also undeniably terrifying. It hadn't yet grown up, but its strength was equivalent to an eleventh-level vicious beast's, equal as well to that of the human Soul Sea Realm warrior.

But an Evil Dragon of this level could fight against several Spirit Supreme Realm masters with its own strength. When this Evil Dragon grew up, how terrifying would its strength be in the future?

Of course, the Soul Sea Realm masters were worried—they could barely protect themselves at the time. Most of them were already wondering how soon they would be killed.

As Soul Sea Realm masters, they were considered powerful among the four divine kingdoms. But when faced with the Spirit Supreme Realm masters, they were practically nothing. And having their souls confined in the corpses didn't help—they didn't even have the strength to resist.

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