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   Chapter 1214 Imprinting

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It was natural for any living being with a mind to desire improvement and betterment. Thus, all the races in the universe gave their all to expand and develop their forces.

In order to improve their races in the fastest pace possible, they had to train their young talents just as vigorously.

It was why every race had designed their own sets of rules to conduct a series of tests, which would evaluate the skills of the young members.

Of course, each method of assessment differed greatly from each other.

Aside from the observation of the Lotus Flowers, the testing methods from three races were considered the most accurate of them all: the Heavenly Path from the human race, the Ogre Abyss of the ogres, and the three magical towers of the Celestial Position race.

Anyone who obtained any of the titles in the three magical towers would receive close protection by the Celestial Position race, and would be considered one of their core members. The same was also applied to those even of the lowest titles.

Up until now, only less than a hundred thousand living members of the Celestial Position race had managed to possess a title. Eighty thousand of them held a bronze title.

Eighteen thousand of them had a silver.

Only one thousand managed to have a golden title.

Among all of the members, only about sixty were given the Rakshasa or the Asura title.

As for the Celestial Position title…

Only six people were known to have it. They had all become absolute leaders of the Celestial Position race, and were considered legendary figures.

That was why Dorothea felt taken aback by Zen's words.

She couldn't believe that this person in front of her had such an exceptional talent, as if Zen had only existed in dreams.

She had been previously delighted when she heard about the Tower of Crystal. They had come here to complete an important task of capturing the Ancestral Dragon and the Evil Dragon, and the information about the Tower of Crystal was an unexpected surprise. If they managed to bring back the Tower of Crystal to the Celestial Position race, it would definitely be recorded as a great contribution, even greater than the capture of the Ancestral Dragon and the Evil Dragon.

However, all of that seemed insignificant now when they had discovered someone with a golden Celestial Position title.

At that point, Dorothea wanted to stop the capture of the Evil and the Ancestral Dragons so that she could go to the Tower of Crystal and seek the truth. Once she had verified whether Zen had really passed the test of the Talent Tablet and obtained the golden Celestial Position title, they would

but it was also influenced by the imprinting.

After it saw Zen at first sight, a strong imprint had been formed in the little dragon's mind. And because of the imprint's effect, it recognized Zen as its mother.

The seven people of the Celestial Position race had actually prepared to prevent the imprinting behavior. They had originally planned to use the Time Law to hatch the Ancestral Dragon first, then seal it and bring it back to the Celestial Position race before any imprinting could happen. This matter was to be done by the higher-ups of their race.

However, the Ancestral Dragon had hatched out faster than they had expected, and Zen had accidentally run into this spire when Dorothea chased him, then he obtained the dragon's acknowledgement on Brianna's instructions.

As he carried the small dragon with his hands, Zen thought that Dorothea would attack him out of anger, so he thought about how to escape.

But Dorothea didn't even move the slightest. She just stood there and blankly stared at him. She didn't even pay the least bit of attention to the small dragon in his arms.

"What's wrong with this woman?" Zen was confused, so he asked Brianna's soul inside the body. She shook her head and said, "I don't know, either. Maybe she was taken aback by the amazing stories you've made up just now."

"I didn't make up anything..." Zen retorted. "Who knows?

I don't believe a bit of it, anyway," Brianna sneered. She had witnessed Zen's bragging skills before, so she didn't believe his words at all.

"You should go with me!" Dorothea piped up from out of the blue.

"Go with you? Why?" Zen was totally confused.

"I won't pursue the Ancestral Dragon egg anymore. But, you have to obey me first!" Dorothea said seriously.

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