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   Chapter 1213 Unbelievable

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"A tower?"

Dorothea asked with a skeptical expression on her face. There were three towers used for training in her Celestial Position race.

In order to gain recognition of the Celestial Position, a warrior normally had to pass the Talent Tablet test in one of the three towers.

However, one of the three towers had been lost, not to be found again. When Zen suddenly mentioned a tower, Dorothea was convinced a little.

"What's the name of the tower?" she asked with a frown.

"Tower of Sin," Zen continued, his eyes fixed on the Ancestral Dragon egg, yearning for it. More and more cracks were appearing on its surface. On the upper half of the dragon's egg, the cracks spread out like spider webs.

"Tower of Sin... that's not right!" Dorothea shook her head. "It's not what the lost tower is called."

Hearing her words, Zen smiled. He knew very well that he wasn't lying, so he was confident that he could use this subject to engage her attention. "The Tower of Sin has fifteen floors. I took the Talent Tablet test on the tenth. I still remember the names on the first row of the Talent Tablet... such as Abigail Yun, Odom Gu, Cliff, Fire, and so forth."

'Odom Gu!'

Dorothea was surprised to hear Zen utter the name, her smiling face immediately turning grave. "That was the Tower of Crystal. I believe you have been there."

"Tower of Crystal..."

Zen remembered that. "Tower of Sin" was the name given to it by the creatures of the Sea God Continent, but since it was the Celestial Position's tower for training, it was naturally not called the same here. It seemed that it had originally been called the Tower of Crystal.

The reason why Dorothea was so excited

was that she heard a very familiar name escape Zen's mouth: Odom Gu.

Her full name was Dorothea Gu. Odom Gu was her father.

"Where is the Tower of Crystal?" Dorothea Gu asked him.

As Zen heard this, his heart skipped a beat. He seemed to have revealed something that he shouldn't have revealed just to stall for time.

Tower of Sin was very important to the Sea God Continent. It was the same with the Purple Heart Sacred Place of humans. Although the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place had already developed, the Purple Heart Sacred Place was still relatively weak. If they found out the whereabouts of the Tower of Sin and took it away, it would be impossible for the human r

s Innate, Eight and so on.

In fact, anyone who could obtain any of these titles was considered to be among the strongest warriors in the universe. The difference between the titles was quite small. But however small, it still made a difference.

The titles were also classified into gold, silver, and bronze, where gold was the highest and bronze the lowest.

"You say that you've obtained a title. So tell me, what title did you obtain?" asked Dorothea, staring at Zen.

Zen looked puzzled, "It's none of those that you've mentioned."

Dorothea Gu frowned. "Is it Young Heart? Or Sea Arriving?" Those two titles were ranked at the very end. However, even so, they were impressive enough. Although Dorothea Gu had been listed in the first row, she hadn't gotten any of those titles.

"Neither," Zen said. "If I remember correctly, it was the gold 'Celestial Position.'"

After Zen said this, the flower in Dorothea Gu's right eye started to whirl. The root of the flower was buried deep in her eye. Seeing the flower spin like this, Zen wondered if she was in pain.

What he didn't know was that his words had set off a storm in her heart.

" is this possible? Celestial Position! Gold Celestial Position!" Dorothea Gu found his words incredible.

As per Zen, he had been to the Tower of Crystal and indeed taken the Talent Tablet test. If he hadn't seen the words "Celestial Position" inscribed on the tablet, he wouldn't have known that such a title even existed.

Dorothea Gu knew that for a fact, which was why she found his claim so hard to believe.

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