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   Chapter 1212 The Crack On The Ancestral Dragon Egg

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Devoid of any hesitation, Zen took out the Black Star pickaxe and held it in his hand. There wasn't much time left for him. If Dorothea arrived, then he would be in a lot of trouble.

However, just as he brandished the Black Star pickaxe and hit the chains, a seemingly odd scene transpired!

As a supreme divine weapon, it was capable of destroying anything. There was rarely anything in the universe that it couldn't crush.

And to his surprise, it actually penetrated the chains!

"Is it an illusion?" Zen was amazed and bewildered at the same time.

The chains in front of him, as well as the Ancestral Dragon Egg that was wrapped in chains, seemed to be nothing more than illusions!

He then hastily reached out his hands for the chains. His fingers infiltrated through them with ease, and he felt nothing!

"What the hell is going on?" Zen wondered.

Both the chains in front of him and the Ancestral Dragon Egg in the center were life-like. He couldn't assimilate that they were only illusions. He could see them, but he couldn't touch anything.

Brianna smiled faintly and remarked, "If I guessed it right, the Ancestral Dragon Egg is sealed in another layer of space, so you can see it, but you cannot touch it!"

"Another layer of space?"

He was confused at her words. He was indeed proficient in the Space Law, and even before he had gone through the baptism of Laws, his affinity with the Space Law had achieved an unprecedentedly high level. Although after undergoing the baptism of Laws, he had no problem cultivating any Original Laws, he was still the most sensitive to the Space Law.

At any rate, he had only reached the second layer of the Space Law. If he was given enough time to practice in the four divine kingdoms and was able to obtain the totems carrying the third and fourth layers of Space Law, he might have the chance to gradually comprehend them.

However, after he came to the four divine kingdoms, there was not much time for him to practice. From the moment he entered the Harlen Divine Kingdom, he had busied himself in achieving his goal of finding and accumulating the life stones. Later on, he participated in the competition by the side of the West Dragon River. After that, he entered the Feather Holy Sea. He rarely had any time to think about anything else.

"Yes, if I am not mistaken, this should be the fifth layer of the Space Law, the so-called Refraction! This Ancestral Dragon Egg seems to be sealed in another space. Everything you see is only the refraction through space! It is simply impossible to take out the Ancestral Dragon Egg that easily!" Brianna shook her head and added, "Unfortunately, I don't specialize in Space Law. Back then, I could only comprehend a layer of it."

"Because of this reason, War King Wind and the other rulers were unable to take away the Ancestral Dragon Egg?" Zen frowned.

After all, mastering the Origina

by step. He needed to find a topic to delay her.

He turned to her after some thought as an idea came to his mind and asked, "Celestial Position, do you all belong to Celestial Position?"

When Dorothea heard him mention the Celestial Position, she was surprised. She asked with confusion, "Eh? How do you know that?"

He grinned slightly, then replied, "It's because I also belong to the Celestial Position!"

Hearing this, Dorothea showed an expression of disbelief. She giggled and exclaimed, "It's impossible! Every member of our Celestial Position possesses a special mark. If you are a warrior recognized by our Celestial Position, I must be feeling the existence of that mark!"

Zen smiled faintly as his expression became more at ease. "You should have noticed that this body doesn't belong to me, right?"

Dorothea nodded her head. Her power to restrain the Soul Cores was also effective on the girl in front of her, which meant that she had also relied on the Soul Core to control the physical body she was in now. However, Dorothea didn't know about the Soul Sealing Spell on Brianna, so she felt very strange about the body in front of her as well. It was a living physical body, so why did she still need to control her physical body through the Soul Core? Wouldn't it be unnecessary?

Zen's explanation, however, sort of answered some of her doubts.

"You said that you obtained the recognition of the Celestial Position. But to think that you are only a martial artist from the Lower World, how did you gain the recognition of our Celestial Position?'' Dorothea probed with a smile. She refused to believe what Zen said.

From the corner of his eyes, he noted the crack on the Ancestral Dragon Egg was slowly spreading. He then quickly replied, "Tower, I obtained the recognition of Celestial Position in a tower!"

The Tower of Sin originally belonged to the Celestial Position, so what he said was the truth.

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