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   Chapter 1211 Time Elapsing

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Before Zen could try anything else, another snow-white flower bloomed beside Zen. Dorothea quietly stepped out from it. When she saw Zen's actions, she smiled faintly and told him, "The barrier cast by Delroy won't be broken so easily. You might as well give up and save your energy!"

Zen stared at her and asked, "What's inside?"

She chuckled, "If I tell you, will you obediently follow me? I guarantee that I won't let you suffer or come to any harm!"

Hearing this, Zen smiled, "In that case, you have to tell me first."

"This is a sacred place; the Ancestral Dragon and the Evil Dragon appeared in here at the same time. At the end of this era, our Celestial Position will naturally collect them. We must stop the Evil Dragon, and also get the Ancestral Dragon." Dorothea answered.

"So, is it the Ancestral Dragon inside this spire? Or is there more to the story?" Zen's eyes glinted.

Dorothea tilted her head and replied in affirmative with a smile, "Yes!"

"Great!" Zen suddenly took out the Black Star pickax from his space ring and swooshed it down towards the enchanted barrier.

Originally, Dorothea wasn't concerned even though Max had been worried that Zen would run around and barge into this place, interfering with the incubation of the Ancestral Dragon egg. However, Dorothea was sure that this worry was unnecessary, since Delroy's enchanted barrier was not that easy to break.

Furthermore, she could sense that although the woman in front of her seemed to be alive, she was, in fact relying on a Soul Core to drive her physical body; this meant that she would be unable to unleash her strength.

As for why Zen was able to use his unique movement technique, and how he was moving so fast, Dorothea could not understand. But no matter what, speed and strength were two different things. And the enchanted barrier that Delroy had cast contained a special Law of Causality, so it could not have been broken by an ordinary cultivator at the Spirit Supreme Realm.

However, when Zen pulled out the pickax, her expression changed drastically. At the same time, the flower in her eye started to spin crazily and turned a dirty shade of red from its usual, beautiful white.

"The supreme divine weapon Black Star!" Dorothea screamed.

By the time she had finished, Zen had already brandished the pickax and struck the enchanted barrier. The barrier suddenly shattered. Since in its entirety, the barrier was a single entity, even if a single part of it was damaged, the entire barrier would instantly shatter like powdered glass!

With a loud clang, the enchanted barrier collapsed.

At the same time, among the group of six men who were still

llar Sacred Place had disappeared from Zen's sight.

Anyway, since he could not see Dorothea chasing him anymore, Zen stepped through the door.

Now he saw that in the empty space, there were glowing steps. These steps were circling around and rising up. Zen stepped on them and started to climb quickly.

After climbing for a while, Zen suddenly saw a giant chain appear at the top of the stairs. He looked carefully at it and found that a small, glowing object was attached in the middle of the chains.

In fact, it was completely tied up by the numerous chains that surrounded it.

Zen stared intently at it and suddenly, his eyes sparked, "This is..."

"The Ancestral Dragon egg," a calm voice sounded from within his inner world. It was obvious that Brianna had also noticed the object and recognized it.

A faint smile appeared on Zen's face, but then he heard Brianna tell him, in a tone that sounded like she was shaking her head, "You can't take it away!"

"I can't? What do you mean? Why not?" Zen wondered.

"If it were so easy to obtain, it wouldn't have taken the four divine kingdoms and their emperors so many years," Brianna pointed out faintly.

Zen agreed with her words. The Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place wasn't that dangerous, yet the Soul Sea Realm warriors of the four divine kingdoms, who had entered the place so many times, had still been unable to get their hands on the Ancestral Dragon egg.

"These are just some chains. I think I can handle them." Zen shook his head as he spoke, though his face revealed a look of doubt. He thought that those warriors hadn't been able to get the egg because the chains were too hard to break. Luckily, he had the Black Star. It shouldn't be difficult for him to break this chain. He had to try anyway.

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