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   Chapter 1210 Spire

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Although every single person from the Celestial Position had his or her attention focused on the Evil Dragon, Zen's sudden disappearance attracted their gaze. They noticed the sudden movement despite their lack of attention.

"A little mouse has run away! Hey Dorothea. Isn't she the one you have a crush on?" The black clothed young man taunted with a smile.

However, the person wearing the silver mask said, "Don't let her run around. Chase after her. There's gonna be so much trouble if she breaks the Ancestral Dragon Egg's hatch."

The flower in Dorothea's eye spun slightly as a look of astonishment came to her face. "Delroy has put up an enchanted barrier around it. It's not gonna be destroyed, right? But I guess it's best if I capture her and bring her back." After she finished speaking, she chuckled and chased after Zen with a bell-like laughter tolling behind her.

Zen was crazily circulating the life vitality within Brianna's body and continuously stimulating the Wind Law. His figure was moving like a shuttle and rapidly traveling through the air.

"This fellow..."

Brianna was completely shocked now and didn't know what to say.

To be able to grasp even thirty percent of the Cloud-chasing Skill in such a short period of time was a remarkable feat in itself. That was what she had told Zen but she didn't have too much hope with him.

In any case, she had taught the Cloud-chasing Skill to Zen as a frantic last-minute effort when she was left with no options. However, she had never thought that Zen would be able to grasp almost all of it in such a short amount of time.

Just how strong was this fellow's innate talent?

If she were to count the capabilities this young man possessed, she would be at a loss. She already knew that the nine dragons had been residing inside his mind for a long time. And since he was chosen by her grandfather, it was clear that Zen wasn't a common warrior. It was still shocking to see just how powerful he was, though.

Even in the Genuine Dragon World, which was filled with hundreds of talented warriors, she had never seen someone with these many capabilities.

Zen had actually grasped seventy percent of the Cloud-chasing Skill within a span of five minutes. In fact, judging by his speed, he might even have grasped more than eighty percent. The black lines Brianna could see behind her were something that only appeared when the Cloud-chasing Lion was running at its top most speed, which compressed the wind around its body to the maximum.

Brianna herself could unleash the full effects of the Cloud-chasing Skill, but this cultivation technique was created from imitating the innate talent of a legendary beast, which was known as the Cloud-chasing Lion. When the Cloud-chasing Lion ran at full pelt, it would create black lines behind

s climax.

However, he chose to ignore the battle. But the slight moment of losing attention did cost him. While he was running, a white flower strangely appeared not far in front of him. That flower was blooming at an unbelievable speed, and Dorothea walked out from within the flower. She had a smile on her face as she told Zen, "Little thing, you won't be able to escape!"

When he saw this scene, Zen didn't pause and swept past her again.

Dorothea kept pursuing Zen in the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place, still travelling at her leisurely pace. After a while, Zen noticed a transparent enchanted barrier covering a spire not too far away.

"What is that?"

Zen's eyes flashed faintly when he saw the transparent barrier.

It seemed that dramatic changes were taking place inside the barrier, whatever that place was. The bottom of the spire seethed and teemed with life, with all sorts of strange flowers and herbs covering the area. Vines were coiled around the exterior walls of the spire, and the strangest thing was that these plants were growing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. In fact, not only growth, Zen could even see death as the vines seethed, grew, twisted, withered and died.

"Time! The speed at which time is passing within that barrier is remarkably fast!" "What exactly is inside that spire?" Zen enquired.

Brianna shook her head. "I'm not sure. The barrier has almost completely isolated all of the auras from within and I can't feel a thing."

"Let's go in." Regardless of what was inside, Zen didn't think too much and charged towards the barrier. He didn't have much of a choice anyway. The moment he approached the barrier, his life vitality gushed out and he punched the barrier with all of his strength.


Even though he was controlling a Spirit Supreme Realm body, his punch did not even crack the barrier.

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