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   Chapter 1209 The Secret Of Visualization

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A warrior could turn his life vitality into something substantial by meditation and visualization.

Take for example a saber: if a warrior wanted to turn his life vitality into a saber then he would have to spend a lot of time observing and contemplating the blade. The greater his concentration and the longer his visualization, the more powerful the life vitality saber would be.

However, this kind of visualization was based on the life vitality. The more real the thing the warrior imagined, the more real the object transformed from the life vitality would be.

Without any life vitality, a saber could never hope to take shape no matter how hard the warrior tried to visualize it.

According to Brianna, if one hundred trillion creatures gathered together and visualized an object, then that object could be formed through sheer willpower alone. It was something beyond Zen's imagination and comprehension.

"You mean we can form a legendary weapon just by imagining it? Without the help of life vitality?" Zen asked.

"It's not strange," Brianna huffed. "Being the faith of the Genuine Dragon, the Ancestral Dragon can let the Genuine Dragon race become prosperous after being born in this world."

"You can regard the Ancestral Dragon as your faith, but why did you let an Evil Dragon be born? Could it be that many members of the Genuine Dragon race have taken the Evil Dragon as their faith?" he asked curiously.

Brianna shook her head. "How would that be possible? Who would be silly enough to do that? All creatures in this world have both light and dark sides within them. The Evil Dragon represents the dark side of the Genuine Dragon race, similar to hell. It seems that you have no idea that the entire hell came about from the contemplation of all creatures of the universe."

Her words shocked Zen even more.

The Netherworld River, the gate of hell…

He would never expect that the hell had been formed through nothing but meditation and imagination. It seemed that if one really tried hard to imagine an object, it would really appear and exist in the physical plane.

Thoughts were powerful and people should probably be more careful with what they imagined in their minds. The universe truly had a lot of surprises in store.


The Evil Dragon roared in fiery rage as flames rose from its huge head. The strong man's attack was nothing to the beast but he still angered it.

"It's going to spit dragon's breath! Hank, tie it up!" the man with the silver mask ordered.

"Huff, huff, huff..."

Green threads began to spir

the Wind Law. However, since she knew her physical body was compatible with the skill, then maybe it would be enough for her to help him escape.

""Bang, bang..."

The Evil Dragon moved irritably, its battle with the seven Celestial Position members in full swing.

Five minutes later, Zen suddenly opened his eyes.

"How much of the skill have you mastered?" Brianna didn't think he'd grasp much of the skill in a mere five minutes. It would be enough if he could activate the Wind Law of her life vitality.

"I think I've mastered it," Zen said, flashing her a bright smile. To some extent, this skill was tailor-made for him. He was sensitive to the Cloud-chasing Lion's talent and this skill was created based on the legendary beast. Brianna imparting the skill to him made him gain a new comprehension for it.


The Evil Dragon let out a deafening roar as it broke free from Hank's grip, it's body rising out of the large hole and into the air.

"Vincent! Grab it and drag it back here!"

"Don't let it run away! Dorothea, release the confining power!"

Brianna's eyes flashed at the scene. "Now! This is the best time to escape. Are you ready?"

"Yes!" Zen nodded.

At that moment, Brianna's interior world began to shake as an intangible power covered her physical body, expelling Dorothea's confining power.

Once the confining power was dispelled, Zen immediately felt his soul connect to Brianna's physical body. He wasted no time mobilizing Brianna's life vitality.

"Eh?" Dorothea remarked, suddenly realizing that her confining power had been negated. Turning her attention away from the Evil Dragon, she saw Zen's figure float like the wind and disappear with a flash.

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