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   Chapter 1208 Visualization

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Only one in a hundred million warriors could reach the Soul Sea Realm.

And even a Soul Sea Realm master could only play a supporting role in the four divine kingdoms. For the past tens of thousands of years, the main characters of the four divine kingdoms had been the four emperors.

In War Emperor York's eyes, his fate was so great that he could ascend to the Upper World in the future. His future was limitless, so how could he be willing to die here?

Ever since Dorothea had restrained his body, his thoughts had kept spinning and spiraling out of control. This was probably the biggest trouble he had ever faced in his life. He had never felt so powerless even when he had gone into the sea to hunt for the young Water-eyed Swallowing Beast.

He knew he couldn't fight back against his enemies with his soul in such a state. No matter how hard he tried, he still wouldn't be able to think of a way to save himself.

When Dorothea undid part of the restraining force, he didn't scream like the warriors before him. He knew this was his only chance to tell his opponents that he was a dignified emperor and that he could pay any price in exchange for his own life. And he wanted to seize it.

Hank waved the fishing rod in his hand lightly. This time, he did not intend to throw these corpses into the crater. Instead, he would hang them above the crater to lure the thing that lurked below.

The front of the fishing rod was only as thick as a little finger, and the thin green thread was fine as a hair. But it was strong enough that six or seven corpses could be hanged without any problem.

"An emperor?" Hank suddenly chuckled at War Emperor York's words. "How big is your York Divine Kingdom?"

"Thirty million acres of land. Four billion living creatures. I can give you my place! I will make you the emperor of York Divine Kingdom!" War Emperor York said rather desperately. Since he was suspended in midair, he could clearly see the situation within the huge crater. He noticed that at the bottom of the crater, there was a pair of huge, demonic red eyes. He knew he was pressed for time, so he took the chance to speak. Or perhaps it was begging for mercy.

"Thirty million acres!" Hank didn't know whether to laugh or to cry at this information. "How big is thirty million acres? It sounds pretty big."

The York Divine Kingdom wasn't small. Of the four divine kingdoms, it occupied the largest area of land. But it looked like Hank wasn't interested in the slightest.

Dorothea said calmly from some distance away, "Thirty million a

e world? There was an Ancestral Dragon's egg hidden in the sacred place of the Dragon Lineage Human. Could it be that this egg had hatched the Evil Dragon? This is impossible!"

"Hey, what exactly is the Evil Dragon?" Zen asked again, now slightly annoyed by Brianna's lack of attention.

Brianna finally reacted and said, "The Evil Dragon is the opposite of the Ancestral Dragon. It is a faith inheritance derived from our race."

"A faith inheritance derived from your race?" Zen said quizzically. He didn't know what she was talking about.

Brianna immediately replied, "Neither the Ancestral Dragon nor the Evil Dragon should exist. They are only creatures created by the illusions of our race."

"Creatures created by illusions?" Zen felt that the more he listened, the more confused he became.

Brianna understood Zen quite well. As a warrior of the Lower World, Zen's knowledge of certain things in the Upper World was rather limited. She asked, "Hasn't my Grandpa Josh told you that? Creatures created by illusions are not strange at all. It's just like your so-called visualization. If you visualize something long enough, you can use the life vitality to create what you want."

She continued, "Then, creatures of any race can visualize something together, and eventually produce something that doesn't exist in the world. The secret sect of your human race is a good example. They gathered a trillion humans to visualize something together. Of course, they called it 'faith.' They all believed in a sword embryo that didn't exist! After a hundred thousand years, they finally created that sword embryo. And then, the most powerful human weapon refiner forged a legendary weapon with it."

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