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   Chapter 1207 Fishing

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Zen couldn't move, and the great disturbance he felt in front of him was not helping in settling his nerves.

"What the hell are these guys doing?" he asked Brianna in his mind, the shock obvious in his tone.

Brianna snorted, "Only God knows. The Celestial Position race is made up of a bunch of weirdos. Do you know they once tried to destroy all the stars in the universe? They probably got to around more than twenty thousand stars until they were ruthlessly slapped by the heavens. Many of them died, so they had to give up their stupid plan."

Zen was rendered speechless by her words.

He remembered how he had been recognized by the Celestial Position race back in the Tower of Sin. Did that mean he was a member of this weird race?

It would be for the best if he wasn't.

Zen's body involuntarily moved forward, passing through piles of ruin until he saw a large circular crater. At the edge of the crater were six people. Among the six were the burly man and the black-clothed young man that Zen had met a while ago.

In the middle of the crater, dragon-shaped monsters came out one after another.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

The dragon-shaped monsters immediately rushed towards the people that surrounded them.

All six people were immediately targeted and struck with invisible sound waves from the dragon-shaped monsters.

The sound waves, however, did not have the chance to do any damage as the black-clothed young man simply brandished his black saber and cut through the monsters.

Black light continuously streamed from his hands as each strike cleaved the dragon-shaped monsters into a rain of bloody mist.

"That thing is really patient. It just refuses to come out!" the burly man said.

Dorothea walked over them, followed by the many Soul Sea Realm masters she had under her control. "In that case, maybe we should change our method." Then she turned to a man with a silver mask and said, "Max, you truly have superb foresight. The Heavenly Stellar Secret Land should've been empty, but we were able to find some baits we could use."

The Celestial Position race had dispatched seven people to this world, and they now worked together to capture a creature from this huge crater.

Max, who was wearing a blood-colored cloak and a silver mask, simply nodded at her words. "Let's try it. It's your turn now, Hank."

"Sure, Max." one of them answered with a laugh. This one wore a tattered

her in his mind.

However, Brianna maintained her cool. "No rush! The owner of this fishing rod is only at the Spirit Supreme Realm. Among all of them, only that one called Max is stronger than me. The problem is how much of my strength you can unleash?"

Brianna's life vitality attribute was very different from Zen's. Therefore, he wouldn't be able to control this body effectively and utilize its full strength. Escape might be an option, but he wasn't too confident that he would be able to really run away.

He only had one chance and he had to be careful.

However, his salvation came in the unlikeliest package. Just as the green thread reached for him, Dorothea interrupted, "Hank, leave this for me!"

"She is alive!" Hank remarked in surprise, only realizing now that Brianna wasn't a corpse but a living person.

Dorothea nodded.

"No wonder. I was wondering when your taste became so weird that you began to be interested in corpses!"

Dorothea's face scrunched in anger at his words. "Stop talking nonsense or I'll kill you!"

Hank merely chuckled, already used to her threats. The green thread lightly trembled and headed for War Emperor York instead.

Only seventy Soul Sea Realm masters remained, and the chances of the four emperors being selected had been very high. It seemed War Emperor York was the unlucky one.

Just as the fishing thread came for him, the flower in Dorothea's right eye rotated slightly, releasing a bit of her restraining force.

War Emperor York suddenly roared, "I am the emperor of the York Divine Kingdom. I will give you everything. Just spare my life!"

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