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   Chapter 1206 Zero-Homers

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Across the great world, many powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm were on top of almost everyone. Since when had they ever been looked down upon like this?

Even though these people seemed to have unfathomable strengths, many of the powerful Soul Sea Realm warriors looked indignant.

However, the other side showed no interest in messing around with them.

The flower in Dorothea's eyes slightly rotated before she said in an aloof tone, "They are using the Soul Cores to control the corpses. As long as I disturb the power of the Soul Cores, their souls can all be imprisoned inside the corpses forever. It must be Max's great luck that the god has sent them to us. They can be our baits! Haha, Max's luck truly never fails!"

When her soft laughter had died down, a wispy pink mist floated out from the flower.

"Power of fragrance. Spiritual confinement…"

"Hooo... hooo... hooo..."

A faint fragrance quickly wafted out from her and trapped many of the powerful Soul Sea Realm warriors inside.

At that moment, everyone suddenly realized that they couldn't move the corpses anymore!

"The Soul Core--the Soul Core stopped working! How is this possible!?"

"The power of the Soul Cores must have been disturbed by that bitch!"

"I can't leave the mind of this corpse now!"

Those powerful Soul Sea Realm masters had used the power of the Soul Cores to make the corpses move. Alas, Dorothea seemed to have easily disrupted the power of the Soul Cores!

This meant that she could easily cut off the connection between the souls of these powerful Soul Sea Realm warriors and the corpses they occupied.

But they had yet to realize the worst thing that happened. They previously thought that they could just abandon the corpses and leave--but some of the Soul Sea Realm masters tried doing so, and found that their souls were firmly locked inside the corpses' heads, with no ways to escape.

"Stop trying, it's useless. A small group of souls at the Fighting Soul Realm won't be able to break free from my spiritual confinement," Dorothea said indifferently, as she seemed to have sensed the Soul Sea Realm masters' movements.

At that point, even Zen couldn't move!

Although he had occupied Brianna's body, which wasn't dead, he had still used the Soul Core to control the body. The Soul Sealing Spell had made it impossible for anyone to forcefully control Brianna's body, so Zen had no choice but to temporarily control her body with the Soul Core.

"Now, everyone turn around." Dorothea smiled and walked past them, as all the corpses turned around simultaneously. Now, everyone was under her contro


Zen was speechless. "What's the point of this?"

"They think it's meaningful, so they're a bunch of idiots. Moreover, they're very powerful idiots," Brianna said helplessly. "Just now, that woman has affected the power of the Soul Cores, but I can help restore it. Later I will find a chance to recover it, and you can slip away."

"But they…" All of the top masters of the four divine kingdoms were under the woman's control, the four rulers also included.

"Who cares if they die or not," Brianna snapped.

Zen's eyebrows creased together. Indeed, it was none of Zen's or Brianna's business. Zen didn't need to help the four divine kingdoms. But if he had the chance to save their lives, then he would not sit idly!

Meanwhile, the corpses under Dorothea's control advanced slowly behind her, just like wooden zombies.

The powerful Soul Sea Realm warriors remained trapped and were still inside the corpses' minds. However, they could still observe their surroundings. As they continued to move forward, dragon-shaped monsters rushed out from various directions.

Dorothea continued walking forward as if nothing had happened. Just as the dragon-shaped monsters were about to pounce on her, the flower in her eyes gently rotated, and a faint fragrance wafted out. The dragon-shaped monsters immediately became dizzy, as if they had gotten drunk. Soon enough, they lost their strength and slumped to the ground.

After a few more moments of slow progress, they passed by the Jade Lake and continued their way towards the center of the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place.




Loud, booming sounds were heard from a distance not far away. The entire sacred place shook vehemently like boiling pot of porridge.

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