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   Chapter 1205 The Three

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Since she entered the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place, Fiona had been acting strange.

While the strange dragon-shaped monsters were indeed troublesome to deal with, they weren't particularly deadly to the many powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm. After all, they were only cubs—they weren't a threat so long as the warriors were careful enough to not be besieged.

With a glance at Fiona, Zen grabbed the dragon-shaped beast and said, "I guess this is not what Fiona is afraid of. This is merely a cub."

"Yes, I think so too!" a Soul Sea Realm warrior nodded with a solemn face.

While it was dragon-like, the thing wasn't quite a dragon yet. The very shape of the young beast was already terrifying. What would happen when it grew up later on?

But even though this monster was still a cub, there could be a mother beast lurking around. Could their mother be in the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land?

This conclusion wasn't too difficult to come to—most of the powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm could easily figure it out.

The most important question, however, was what kind of mother beast gave birth to these dragon-shaped monsters? And what level of strength did it possess? Would the crowd be able to resist it?

The thought made the emperors frown. "How about having this year's Heavenly Stellar Secret Land exploration end here? There will still be a great number of opportunities in the future," Scott suggested.

In truth, what he wanted to say was that since the ascending passage would be opened because of Zen, sooner or later, everyone would be able to ascend to the Upper World—there was no need to risk their lives in the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land.

The four emperors along with the Soul Sea Realm warriors of the four divine kingdoms had worked themselves to the bone, all for the benefits of the Reverse Spirit Channel.

If they could ascend to the Upper World, they would obtain endless resources—they wouldn't have to fight over the Ancestral Dragon Egg any longer.

"But if Derek asks, how will we account for it?" one of the Soul Sea Realm experts asked cautiously.

"Hmph! Why didn't he just enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land himself? He's stronger than us, so he's just bullying us because we're still unable to ascend to the Upper World. He's just using trash from up there to trick us into working for him!" another Sea Soul Realm powerhouse exclaimed angrily.

Although the four divine kingdoms listen

y used Soul Cores to control the corpses of the Dragon Lineage Human and snuck into the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. They should be natives of this great world," the silver-haired woman responded indifferently.

Afterward, a tall and sturdy man walked over along the street, carrying a fiery red sickle on his shoulder.

While the burly man walked toward War King Wind and the others, he remarked, "Seems like we're lucky. We're lacking in bait to lure that thing out. But since these live souls are in corpses, the bodies are perfect for bait!"

It seemed as though the three of them weren't taking the warriors seriously at all—Scott, War King Wind, and Turner were all utterly offended.

"Friend, what do you mean?" War King Wind asked coldly.

With a sinister smile, the silver-haired woman asked, "Who is your friend? Weren't we clear? We're capturing the Evil Dragon. We want to borrow your corpses… and your souls!"

"How conceited! To keep so many of us here? As if you could! Humph!" War Emperor York scoffed.

Although the Soul Sea Realm warriors couldn't use their full strength due to the occupation of the corpses, they were still at the Soul Sea Realm—they wouldn't submit to defeat so easily.

"Haha! Conceited? No one has mentioned that!" the silver-haired woman laughed in amusement.

As the burly man walked to the other side, carrying the giant sickle, it seemed as though he paid no mind to Zen's group. Faintly, he said, "Dorothea, capture them. Max can't wait any longer!"

With a slight nod, the silver-haired woman revealed an enchanting smile. And then, the flower in her right eye began to spin.

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