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   Chapter 1204 Escape

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With a whooshing sound, the blue crystal-like structure turned into dust and scattered into the air.

Everyone was stunned. The dragon-shaped monster hadn't appeared to be dangerous. Perhaps it could only be considered a second-level or third-level fierce beast.

But it had completely destroyed the corpse occupied by the Soul Sea Realm master with a single roar!

What on earth was it?

The soul of the Soul Sea Realm master had been within the corpse's mind. Since the entire upper body was now shattered, his soul was probably destroyed as well.

"Grab that thing! I'm going to take revenge for Nigel!" One of the Soul Sea Realm masters was enraged and rushed towards the dragon-shaped monster.

"Be careful! This little thing is a little strange."

"Stay out of way of its roar!"

The dragon-shaped monster's roar was powerful, and had even killed a Soul Sea Realm master. But most of the warriors present were at the Soul Sea Realm. For them, the roar was loud and amazing, but not that scary. So no one tried to escape from the spot.

But just as the Soul Sea Realm master came up in front of the dragon-shaped monster, he skidded on the ground and turned around, rushing back.

"Let's go! Run!" the Soul Sea Realm master shouted to the crowd.

Everyone looked doubtfully at the master, but their questions were answered when they saw hundreds of dragon-shaped monsters suddenly appear in the alley by the side of the street.

It was not difficult to deal with this little thing. It was deadly dangerous, but subduing it wasn't a difficult task. But hundreds of dragon-shaped monsters? Now, that was terrifying!

The stunned looks on everyone's faces instantly morphed into fear, after which War King Wind ordered, "Everyone, run!"

But even before he had finished speaking, he noticed that everyone had already run away, with Zen leading the retreating pack.

They were just about to turn into the main road when they heard numerous dragon roars.

Dozens of sound waves drifted up from the alley nearby and shattered the ten crystal buildings into pieces. The dragon-shaped monsters' roars were too powerful.

It didn't take long for the dragon-shaped monsters to reach the main road, chasing after the warriors. Each of the dragon-shaped monsters held their breath, as if they wanted to emit the deadly sound waves again.

"Split up! Don't stay here! Split up in two directions and gather at the Jade Lake!" The moment the order had left War King Wind's mouth, the group of Soul Sea Realm masters split into two and rushed into two different streets.


As soon as they entered the streets, dozens of sound waves attacked them from different directions. The sound waves that were released into the sky did not h

en a young Genuine Dragon could not have such a strong physical body. Everyone was completely helpless as they faced the dragon-shaped monsters. All they could do was to run away.

Dozens of Soul Sea Realm masters were running fast in the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place, avoiding the attacks of the dragon-shaped monsters. It was fortunate for them that the little monsters didn't move fast. As the crowd ran madly, they managed to escape the pursuit of the little monsters.

They had, very quickly, passed through half of the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place, and soon arrived at the center of the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place, gathering at the Jade Lake.

Everyone was fearful and uneasy. Some of them, especially War King Wind, had entered the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place so many times, so they knew clearly which place was safe and which was dangerous.

It was impossible for living creatures to exist in the main city of the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place. Even the most troublesome puppets did not exist here. But now that these dragon-shaped monsters had appeared out of nowhere, it was beginning to look like a bad omen.

Fiona stood at the edge of the Jade Lake, her face still pale. When War King Wind saw his daughter's expression, he felt sorry for her and tried to console her, "Fiona, those little things are powerful but they're not that scary!"

Zen appeared with a dragon-shaped monster in his hand. He had just flown around and caught one of the dragon-shaped monsters in his hand!

Everyone looked at the dragon-shaped monster warily. But Zen had already sealed its mouth, so it could not pose a great threat.

"Look, Thad has caught one with his bare hands. There's nothing to be afraid of!" War King Wind said with a smile.

But Fiona stared at Zen dazedly and said, "No, that's not what I'm afraid of!"

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