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   Chapter 1203 The Dragon-shaped Monster

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Fiona was puzzled.

She believed her father when he said that the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place might be an empty city, and there might not be anything else.

But she wondered why her blood had pounded through her as she entered the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place, as if an invisible force had begun to put pressure on her.

"What's wrong, Fiona?" War King Wind asked, concerned. He had tried comforting his daughter but Fiona didn't seem to be convinced or relieved. Instead, she looked even more nervous.

Fiona's brown eyes were worried as she said, "I just heard a sound..."

"Fiona, don't be too nervous!" Callan also tried to console her.

Fiona pursed her lips. She was afraid, but it probably wouldn't be dangerous if her father and the Soul Sea Realm masters stayed with her.

So she nodded and continued to follow them. But her nervousness didn't go away.

Zen walked up to Fiona and looked at her, frowning slightly at her nervous expression. There were people in this world who had special senses. Perhaps she really could sense something strange, seeing as she was a phoenix descendant.

Fiona had hardly walked eighty feet when her body suddenly stiffened.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones being gnawed rang out again.

Fiona suddenly turned her head while controlling the corpse to keep walking. She looked to the street nearby and came to a stop, as if she had suddenly become glued to the ground.

"Fiona!" War King Wind frowned at his daughter's behavior. Fiona had always been a clever, obedient girl. Sure, she was naive, but as a warrior, she was definitely not timid. If she were a coward, she wouldn't have wanted to challenge Zen who had defeated Logan before!

Many Soul Sea Realm masters looked at Fiona suspiciously. No one knew what she was up to.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A clear voice rang out.

In this spacious, sacred place, it sounded like a wild beast gnawing on bones.

Such a sound belonged to a forest. But they were in the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place right now and there weren't any living creatures in the Feather Holy Sea. Everyone agreed on this. There were a few warriors who argued that there might be some living creatures hiding in the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land, but most other warriors didn't think so.

After all, the Feather Holy Sea was protected by the power of the blood sacrifice. S

now-white bone.

It wasn't big and had a dragon head on a short body, looking like a small dragon. But it had a pair of long, snow-white fangs on either side of its mouth.

"Is it a dragon?"

"This isn't a dragon, right? How can a dragon look like this?"

"Even if it's a dragon, there's nothing to be afraid of..."

The voice had shocked everyone, but the appearance of the small, dragon-shaped monster filled them with relief.

Everyone had occupied a corpse, but their perceptions still came from their souls. Just with one glance, they could tell that this little thing wasn't strong or powerful.

"Fiona, are you afraid of this little thing? I can go and capture it for you!" a Soul Sea Realm master of the Wind Divine Kingdom said, controlling his corpse as he rushed towards the little monster.

Zen shouted for the master to stop. "Don't go there!"

But the Soul Sea Realm master was too fast. In an instant, he was close enough that stretching his hand would help him catch the dragon-shaped monster.

The dragon-shaped monster suddenly raised its head and opened its mouth—a mouth that was completely out of proportion to its body. It roared at the Soul Sea Realm master.

Its voice was extremely loud, completely at odds with its small body. The sound wave it let out forced everyone to cover their ears. They watched in horror as the upper half of the corpse that the Soul Sea Realm master had occupied disintegrated into powder.

What was more, even half the house that was behind the Soul Sea Realm master also collapsed the same way as the master.

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