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   Chapter 1202 The Sealed Sacred Place

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Zen gazed at the arched door of the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land in silence.

Without a doubt, there were hidden mysteries on the other side of the arched door. It was not easy to pass through it. However, it was not the first time that the four rulers had explored the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. They certainly must have methods to deal with it.

At this moment, Turner and War King Wind stepped forward. They did not barge through the arched door immediately, instead, they walked over to the sides.

The two of them took out two red dragon-shaped keys from their space rings and inserted them into the small holes on either end of the arched door. Nodding to each other, they turned the key at the same time.


The jarring sound of shifting gears sounded, and Turner and War King Wind retreated at the same time. They saw the huge arched door slowly begin to rotate.

The dragon-shaped door spun three times. The red light reflecting in the eyes of the dragon sculpture at the top of the door extinguished quietly. Following this, a jade-green light rose in its eyes and a transmission door appeared in the center of the arc.

Seeing the sudden appearance of the door, Zen was slightly stunned. A clouded expression entered his eyes.

The Heavenly Stellar Secret Land was located right behind the transmission door. Why did they have to go through this door to reach there? Wasn't that unnecessary?

Turner noticed Zen's surprised gaze and said, "The Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place that you see is just an illusion. There are dangers aplenty inside. If you were to enter through it, only death would await you! In the past, many people from the four divine kingdoms have been fooled by the illusion, and a lot of them have died."

"Illusion…" Zen muttered to himself.

The beautiful and life-like city before him was an illusion. Zen was a little surprised at this revelation. It had obviously been created in order to mislead the invaders. If they had entered this illusion without knowing about it, they would only have had a slim chance of surviving.

"Only through this transmission door can we enter the real Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. It has been opened now. Let's go inside." Without wasting any more time, the powerful masters of the Soul Sea Realm entered the transmission door in succession.

Zen nodded and followed the others through the door.

After a short period of space transmission, an azure-colored city appeared in Zen's field of vision.

The entire city looked as if it had been carved out of crystal. The edges of both the giant and smaller buildings reflected a jade-blue crystal light. The city looked as if it had been pulled right out of a fairyland from someone's dream. Everything seemed unreal.

"It's so beautiful!" Fiona couldn't help but cry out in praise as the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place revealed itself before her eyes.

Beside her, Randy nodded. "It is indeed beautiful. I'm more than willing to believe that this city is an illusion, not the one that we just saw!"

Pausing at the gates of the Heavenly St

, Dragon Lineage Human preferred death over dishonor and practiced blood sacrifice using billions of lives of the race. The vast majority of the clansmen had not known about this decision. When the blood sacrifice began, the clansmen turned into clouds of bloody mist within seconds. Not even a bone was left behind. The blood mist gradually became the golden spell of blood sacrifice and spread all over the Feather Holy Sea.

Afterward, the entire place was sealed up under the spell for a number of years until the four divine kingdoms explored the sites and entered the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land.


Eighty to ninety martial artists in the four divine kingdoms had entered the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place this time. With such a large group walking into the empty city, they could all hear the echo of their footsteps. The sound made several youngsters especially vigilant.

Seeing Fiona, Callan and a few others so nervous, War King Wind laughed. "Children, don't be afraid. The danger of Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place cannot be found here. This is just an empty city. We've been here so many times before, but we've never encountered another living being."

Indeed, because of the spell of the blood sacrifice, there were no living creatures anymore in the Feather Holy Sea. All the way through the sea and the three secret lands, Zen had only discovered one person who could be considered sort-of alive, and that was Brianna's body—which he had occupied.

However, because Brianna's soul had been locked up, it had separated from her body. In a sense, she was like the living dead, a zombie.

"Okay." Fiona smiled and nodded. The empty sacred land made her feel cautious and she did not know why. She could not help but feel jittery. However, the very next second, she heard the sound of rustling, like a wild beast was chewing on some bones.

Crack... Crack...

"Huh?" Hearing the strange sound, Fiona stiffened. She immediately stopped in her tracks, her gaze sweeping over her surroundings. But the sound soon stopped.

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