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   Chapter 1201 Sea Abyss

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The puppet wasn't a sentient creature. Obviously, Zen wasn't idiotic enough to think that he would be able to get rid of him just by cutting his neck.

However, the maneuver did achieve one thing. Once he crushed the puppet's head with his foot, the headless corpse could no longer move. It stood still on the stone pillar.

Then Zen calmly took away his long, dark, golden bow. It stood as high as a person, and there were several lines drawn on it in a bright shade of gold. The aura emanating from it was mysterious and powerful. Zen still didn't know what material the bowstring was made from. Although it was as thin as a human hair, it was still incomparably flexible and remarkably sharp. When Zen merely pinched it lightly, Brianna's finger got cut.

"This is a semi-divine weapon, but pitifully, it's a bow." Zen had never used a bow as a weapon before, and had no experience with it. But such a long-range weapon could sometimes have miraculous effects.

After observing the bow in his hand for a while, Zen reached out and his hands easily extricated the quiver from the back of the puppet.

"Divine-level arrows!"

Zen almost shouted out in his ecstatic excitement. Though the arrows didn't have any special abilities, the power that they shot out was extremely terrifying. Not only could they easily kill mighty warriors of the Soul Sea Realm, they could also penetrate through giant shields made of magnetic stones.

According to what Brianna had said, if her body was hurt, she wouldn't be able to escape either. This meant that Zen had to be careful.

"Unfortunately, there aren't enough arrows in here." Zen sized up the innards of the quiver. There were only about eight black colored arrows in it.

Although these black arrows were divine weapons and therefore, extremely powerful, they were still for one-time use only, just like the Heavenly Thunder Halberds. Zen only had enough for eight shots.

But something happened the moment his hand touched the quiver. His eyes flashed as he felt the aura of the Space Law transmit from it.

"The Sumeru Space?"

Normally, Sumeru Space recognized its own master only, but the Dragon Lineage Archer was just a puppet. This meant that removing his mark wasn't the least bit difficult. Zen easily erased the mark from the quiver and then probed it with his own consciousness. Soon after, a look of pleasant surprise appeared on his face.

In the Sumeru Space of the quiver, were not eight, nor eighty, but hundreds of black arrows.

There were not only black arrows, but also arrows in another two colors. One of them was entirely red, with a small ghost head embedded in the front, and the other was a shade of dark green, as if it was filled with a strong life force. Zen wondered what these arrows could do.


Zen was still investigating inside the quiver when a few more arrows flew towards him, trailing some blue light behind them.

However, their aim went south as Zen flashed agilely and returned to his original spot. The two arrows with the Dragon Arsenic that had been shot at hi

he abyss, but instead stood on the vertical road.

From Zen's current angle, it was as if he was standing on the entrance to a giant, round cave. Along with the road underneath his feet, golden seawater was also flowing slowly above his head, entering the cave from his left and right.

"The Dragon Lineage Humans were extremely smart. They managed to somehow change the gravity of the world and established their core sacred place here!" Zen couldn't help but sigh. No wonder the seawater was down here. Since the gravity and its direction were completely changed now, the direction in which the seawater would flow accordingly changed too.

When Turner heard Zen's sigh, he smiled and told him, "The Heavenly Stellar Secret Land has many miraculous things, but it also has numerous dangerous places, so we have to be careful. Especially after arriving at the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place, we have to obey the orders. Do not act rashly."

Zen nodded as he looked into the distance. The road under his feet once again extended outwards and they saw a huge city in front of them.

Was this their first glimpse of the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place?

The eighth grade sacred place of the Dragon Lineage Human was called the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place. After their fall, their sacred place had become a secret land for the four divine kingdoms to explore.

There was no danger in front of them right now. Along with many other Soul Sea Realm martial artists, Zen and the others followed the road under their feet and proceeded towards the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place.

The road was only 50 to 60 miles long. After rushing forwards for less than five minutes, they arrived in front of the sacred place. At the end of the road was an arched gate made up of a dragon statue.

After passing through this arched gate, they would enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. However, the dragon carving on top of the gate had a bewitching red look in its eyes as it stared at the crowd. It seemed that it wouldn't be easy to pass through this gate.

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