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   Chapter 1200 Combat

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This Dragon Lineage Archer was a mere puppet, but he was designed to be the best archer there ever was.

The moment the puppet's gaze landed on him, Zen immediately felt shivers run down his spine as if he was a sheep currently being stalked by a deadly wolf.

"Will you die if he shoots you?" Zen asked.

It was a given that a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior's body was even stronger than a Soul Sea Realm one, and Zen was curious just how much more resilient the former was compared to the latter.

"Nonsense!" Brianna retorted angrily. "His bow is a semi-divine weapon, but his arrows are true divine weapons. How could I possibly block them with my physical body?"

'Arrows of the divine tier...' The astonishment was apparent in Zen's face. It was truly evident that the Dragon Lineage Human indeed had an eighth-grade sacred place when even a puppet guard wielded a divine weapon. It was no wonder that the black arrow light had been so glaring.

That shiver he had felt before now escalated to a full-body chill as an uncomfortable feeling of wariness pooled in his gut.

On the surface of the golden sea, the Dragon Lineage Archer had already notched a black arrow onto the semi-divine longbow and took aim.

Zen's eyes narrowed in contempt and braced himself to charge towards the archer. However, Brianna suddenly spoke in his mind. "Are you just going to charge? Using just my life vitality and my body to kill him? Just like that?"

"What else can we do?" he told her.

A Spirit Supreme Realm warrior's life vitality and physical strength would be enough to crush a Soul Sea Realm warrior. Despite being fierce, the Dragon Lineage Archer would still be nothing compared to Zen's speed.

"But to activate... Hey!" Zen did not give her any room to argue and quickly charged towards the archer.

"Zen's attacking! He just charged towards the statue!"

"I hope he destroys that thing in one go! May the heavens bless us!"

"Stop talking nonsense! If the heavens really did bless us, then what's the point of Heavenly Tribulations?!"

"That statue is taking aim at Zen! I hope he'll miss."

All the Soul Sea Realm warriors watched with rapt attention as the agile figure of a young girl flew across the sky and swooped down with incredible speed.

Zen's eyes zeroed in on the Dragon Lineage Archer bel

s was not the case at all. Zen's own physical body was invulnerable to swords and spears, so he got used to dealing with enemies in such a brutal way. He forgot that although Brianna was at the Spirit Supreme Realm, her body was still made of flesh and blood.

However, he chose to remain deaf from Brianna's nagging. Instead, Zen pulled on the bowstring and released it as fast as lightning.

The bowstring bounced back and let out a strange hiss as fish scale-like ripples appeared on the surrounding sea surface.

The Dragon Lineage Archer froze in his spot as his scarlet eyes stared intently at Zen. Not much later, a thin line appeared on his neck before his entire head slowly slid off his body.

The cut was clean and the puppet seemed to have been made of some sort of soft jade. Just as the head slid down onto a stone pillar, Zen quickly reached out to take the bow and arrows from the puppet's body.

He would be crazy to just throw away a semi-divine longbow and a quiver of divine-tier arrows into the sea.

However, just as he was about to take the valuables, the Dragon Lineage Archer's body suddenly moved. It seemed losing his head did not make him any less agile. The body quickly drew out a black arrow from the quiver and intended to stab Zen in the face.

Just as he brandished the arrow, a loud explosion rang throughout the vicinity. The headless puppet's arm quickly went slack and moved no more.

Zen, on the other hand, smiled. He lifted his foot and quickly crushed the Dragon Lineage Archer's head beneath him.

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