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   Chapter 1199 Life-saving Moments

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Right now, they were stuck in a dilemma. They could neither retreat nor advance.

The faces of the four emperors were so grave that it seemed as if they had turned to stone.

"What on earth is that?" Zen asked, his eyes narrowed to slits.

Turner shook his head. "I've never seen anything like this before."

War King Wind frowned. "That humanoid statue is clever. He knows that we are occupying the corpses, so he aimed his arrow at their heads to kill them!"

The warriors were all in possession of a corpse each, and right now, they were rather like zombies—zombies with souls.

If a corpse was shot through, it would only create a hole. It would not cause any fatal damage to the warrior, nor would blood flow out of the body.

But if the arrow pierced through the head, the soul itself could shatter to pieces.

The arrow could penetrate a shield of magnetic stone. Even the powerful warrior corpses that the four rulers possessed could not resist the force of the arrow.

"Your Majesty, what should we do? Let's go back!"

"Your Majesty! Think of a way out of this."

Some Soul Sea Realm warriors were obviously in a state of panic. On the other hand, Callan and the others, although frightened, didn't say a word. Fiona and the other martial artists of the younger generation knew they didn't have the power to work this out. They could only listen to their fathers and hope that they could figure out a way.

But what could the four rulers do?

War Emperor York, Turner, and Scott all had impatient looks on their faces. They had gone through great pains to obtain the bodies of the thirteenth floor and had originally planned to fight in the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. However, they hadn't even entered the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land yet when they had encountered this problem. How frustrating it was!

At this point, War King Wind's voice rang out. "Let's charge! It's our only option. The statue probably can't move. Everyone, let's charge together, with the giant shields!"

As the king, even if he could not come up with a solution, he had the authority to make a decision on the spot. War King Wind did not know if his guess was correct. It was very possible that more people would die because of his orders, but no matter what decision he made, it was better than standing rooted to the ground and being shot.

When the Soul Sea Realm masters heard his words, they no longer hesitated. Carrying their shields around them, they began trudging toward the Road of Saints.

Surrounded by the shields, they tried to run faster, b

behalf of Jade Martial House beside the West Dragon River. He had demonstrated his formidable strength. Clearly, he was much stronger than his peers. After entering the Feather Holy Sea, he had played a humongous part. Now, he was the only hope the warriors had left, if they wished to ascend to the Upper World.

At the moment, besides gratitude, only regret remained in their hearts.

Two Soul Sea Realm masters unbuckled the giant shields. Brianna was so petite a small crack was enough for her to get out.

Zen forgot he was in her body. Her chest scraped on the edge of a shield on Zen's way out. Brianna complained.

Of course, Zen chose to ignore such complaints.


After releasing Zen, the two mighty warriors at the Soul Sea Realm instantly buckled up the shields again. The black light was certainly fatal, but the arrows were fatal too.

Just as Zen left the protection of the shields, seven to eight blue arrows shot toward him. Within moments, they were a few dozen feet away from him.

"Let's go!"

Zen's life vitality had already been activated. The speed of a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior was striking. In the blink of an eye, Zen left his original spot and soared high into the sky.

Perhaps it was because he didn't reign in his life vitality and strength well enough. With a leap, he rushed to a height of about five thousand feet.

"Be careful. If an arrow hits you, it would be a pain to deal with the Dragon Arsenic!" Brianna warned Zen in his inner world.

Zen chuckled and nodded. His gaze swept across the golden ocean and locked on the Dragon Lineage Archer. As if sensing the stare, the archer raised his head, his pair of scarlet eyes finding Zen as well.

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