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   Chapter 1198 Dragon Lineage Archer

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Once they had taken over the bodies of the corpses, the mighty warriors of the Soul Sea Realm were able to display and use seventy percent of their original power. But they hadn't expected that the attack from just one sharp arrow could have such terrifying power.

Several young warriors became nervous at their contact with the arrow.

War King Wind noticed Fiona's and Callan's nervousness. He smiled and said, "Don't be afraid. We've traveled the Road of Saints quite a few times in the past. There won't be much danger."

He had originally wanted to say that the real danger was within the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land. But as he watched anxiety ripple through the warriors, he decided against it, not wanting to cause too much panic.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The effect of the first arrow crashing into the shields had barely subsided when three arrows came at them from their right.

"They are coming from the right! Attention!" War King Wind yelled.

The two powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm who were holding the shields on the right flank gripped the shields more firmly, bracing for impact.

The arrows hit the surface of the shields with a clanging sound and smashed into pieces.

Since they had taken careful precaution, the shield box only shook a little before the warriors balanced it back and continued on their path.

"The arrows in the Fast Arrow Area are hard to dodge, but with these giant shields, it won't be too much of a problem," the crown prince of the Wind Divine Kingdom said with a smile.

After all, there were so many elders protecting them on this trip. The princes weren't as nervous as they had been moments ago.

The whooshing sound of consecutive arrows reached the ears of everyone.

As the box formed by the giant shields went further along the Road of Saints, more and more dragon-shaped sculptures emerged from the sea, and more blue arrows shot out of the waters.

These arrows came from all directions. Some appeared out of nowhere and some even came from the dragon-shaped sculptures that raised their dragon heads to shoot the arrows high up into the sky. As a result, the arrows came at them in a downward curve.

Fortunately, the eight giant shields had firmly encased the warriors inside. No matter which way these arrows came from, they could not penetrate the shields. The shower of arrows could do nothing to them.

Although the group wasn't progressing at a fast pace, they had managed to traverse one-third of the path in about five minutes.

Arrows kept raining down on the shields.

War King Wind was focused on reminding the other Soul Sea Realm masters to keep thei

to ninety mighty warriors of the Soul Sea Realm cramped inside, it definitely wasn't enough. They were all squeezed in together, so there wasn't much space for them to move freely.

Once the arrow had pierced through the giant shields, everyone looked around, only to see four people standing motionlessly in their places.

They all had small holes on their foreheads. It was pretty obvious that the black light had pierced right through their foreheads.

The four of them were all at the Soul Sea Realm and they all had souls of the Fighting Soul Realm. But the power of this arrow was too great. It had penetrated their heads and entered their minds, directly shattering their souls.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Once their souls were shattered, the corpses became owner-less and fell to the ground with eerie thumps.

Both Callan's and Randy's eyes were filled with great fear. The place that they had stood in a moment ago was where the arrow had pierced through and shattered those souls. If it hadn't been for Zen, who had pulled them aside, that black light would have penetrated their minds and destroyed their souls!

"What … What is that?"

"That statue, that human-shaped statue! His arrows can pierce through shields!"

"What should we do? We can't move very fast. We're like a moving target!"

Four mighty warriors of the Soul Sea Realm had died under this arrow. How could the others not be panicking?

The key point was that everyone was bound within the box formed by the giant shields. The space was limited, and there was no room for dodging, unless they abandoned the box. But the problem was that if they abandoned the box, they would have to face the countless arrows out there. And that was something they would definitely not survive.

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