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   Chapter 1197 Giant Shields

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The Divine Emperor Island was a huge cemetery, and the road was lined with many tombstones on both sides.

The sacred place of the Dragon Lineage Human was an eighth grade power and the warriors who were buried in the cemetery were big shots. The ones who were buried on the platforms were core members of the Dragon Lineage Human. The Dragon Lineage Human had a lot of warriors with other surnames apart from 'Feng'. The warriors with other surnames were inferior. Even those at the Soul Sea Realm didn't have the qualification to keep their corpses. These powerful warriors were buried in the cemetery after their deaths, and slowly faded into insignificance. The only difference was that their tombstones were in the shape of golden dragon heads, which could be recognized even from a distance.

The powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm looked at the tombstones and felt sadness wash over them. If they couldn't open the passage to the Upper World, they would never be able to break through to a higher realm. And they would, without a doubt, die if and when they ran out of lifespan.

Others would hold big funerals for them, and they would sleep in delicate coffins, slowly fading out of memory.

The martial artists of this universe had used their entire lives to cross this limit and escape death.

The group encountered a dark forest once they had left the cemetery behind. At the edge of the forest was the tail of the Divine Emperor Island, and at the end of the island was a funnel-shaped area that lined a long, narrow sea.

A twenty-foot wide road extended through the sea, cutting it into two. It looked like a brown ribbon lying on the surface of the sea and it formed a wondrous sight.

Under the supervision of the white-browed Taoist priest by the West Dragon River, a ceremony had been held to dispel much of the power of the blood sacrifice in the Feather Holy Sea. However, the power of blood sacrifice around the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land did not weaken one bit. The golden sea water, like pure molten gold, beat continuously along this narrow road.

The power of blood sacrifice in this area was so strong that even the mighty martial artists of the Soul Sea Realm couldn't break through. But the power of blood sacrifice didn't work on the Dragon Lineage Human. This was also why these powerful martial artists of the Soul Sea Realm wanted to occupy the corpses. Only then could they safely enter the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land.

The towering figure of War King Wind stopped in front of the long, narrow road. He turned to everyone and said, "This is the Road of Saints of the Dragon Lineage Human. The entrance to the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land is at the

en they had walked for more than a hundred feet, the sound of countless waves crashing against each other suddenly reached their ears, emanating from the surrounding golden sea.

A number of dragon statues emerged from the middle of the sea. These statues had blue arrows in their mouths.

War King Wind didn't flinch as he said, "It's coming. Stay alert! Grasp your shields firmly!"

The eight powerful martial artists of the Soul Sea Realm became serious, and they gripped the huge shields tighter.

They had barely taken another step on the Road of Saints when they heard a cracking sound.


An azure light streaked across the sea's surface, leaving a blue ripple in the air as it shot towards the box.

Zen blinked at the speed with which the arrow's light was approaching them. The Fast Arrow Area was probably more troublesome than the Slow Arrow Area by a large margin. If the powerful martial artists of the Soul Sea Realm were to be hit by the arrow, a huge hole would be left on their bodies. The blue arrows were most likely coated with Dragon Arsenic as well.

Now that Zen had possessed Brianna's body, he wouldn't be able to escape if he was hit by the arrow. His own body was as strong as a sacred weapon, but Brianna's body wasn't.

The arrow that had originally been a thousand feet away reached them in the blink of an eye and crashed into a giant shield on the left.


Even a single arrow of such power carried an irresistible force under such a high-speed collision. The box formed from the giant shields tilted to the right, only just escaping from slipping into the sea.

"Steady with the shields!" With a loud shout, War King Wind extended his huge hand and slapped the giant shield to his left, bringing the box back to the Road of Saints.

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