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   Chapter 1196 A Strange Feeling

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Many heads swiveled around at the same time. Their shock was palpable at the sight of the woman at the Spirit Supreme Realm swooping down at such an unbelievable speed.

They came forward in a mad rush.

War King Wind grabbed Fiona and Callan and rushed to the front.

Everyone knew that if they could run in the front, they would survive, and those who lagged behind would definitely die.

"Holy shit! They are running so fast!"

Zen exclaimed. He looked at the Soul Sea Realm masters in front of him, and saw that they were trying to dodge him at a speed that was mind-boggling. He was helpless, but he felt a slight heat blossoming in his lower abdomen that indicated waves of life vitality.

This life vitality was drawn from Brianna's inner world and was in continuous supply. Zen flew up into the sky by using the life vitality.

Once they had entered the Divine Emperor Island, they couldn't fly because of the blood sacrifice. The corpses they occupied didn't have any life vitality, so they could only rely on the power of their own physical bodies. The group of Soul Sea Realm masters in front of Zen could normally fly freely in the sky, but now, they could only run around on the ground with their legs.

However, their speed was still no match for the flying Zen, despite the mad dash.


'Wow! This speed is really amazing!'

Zen thought in wonder. He himself was a little stunned. 'Is this the power of a Spirit Supreme Realm master?'

He utilized the life vitality and shot out at a speed that he would never even have imagined. Even if he brought out his forceful energy and life vitality at the same time, his speed would not be able to hold a candle to his current speed.

This speed meant that Zen had caught up to them in no time.

But he was not familiar with this body and couldn't properly control his speed. He had flown past them and landed in front of these Soul Sea Realm masters. After all, this body was not his own. Because he wasn't able to coordinate properly, he smashed onto the ground when he landed, creating a large crater at the point of contact.

"Hey, this is my body. Don't do anything reckless!" Because of the Soul Sealing Spell, Brianna was no longer able to control her own body. But this was still her body. This kind of a random collision wouldn't injure her body, but that didn't mean that it was okay to treat it like that.

Zen flashed an embarrassed smile and got to his feet.

He walked over to the group of Soul Sea Realm masters with a smile on his face, but was only greeted with a strange chilliness.

Most powerful warriors at the Soul Sea

y if they ever needed anything important that the rings contained.

The clothes on Brianna's body were flimsy, and her slender legs were exposed. Fiona clucked her tongue as she paid attention to these details.

However, when Zen picked up the clothes that Fiona had thrown over to him, he was rendered speechless. It was a set of emerald green dresses.

Zen refused to wear them, even though he knew that Fiona only had good intentions. He took out a man's outfit from his space ring and casually wrapped it around Brianna's body.

Now that Zen had taken over her body, it was easy for the four emperors to seize the bodies on the thirteenth floor. They returned quickly, once they had taken over the corpses.

None of the emperors could contain the excitement on their faces, even though they were in someone else's corpses.

Only one of them had ever gotten a corpse on the thirteenth floor once. But this time, all of them had managed to get corpses. It was very likely that this time, they would be able to explore the entire Heavenly Stellar Secret Land in one go, and even obtain the Ancestral Dragon's egg.

"We still have to thank you this time," Turner said to Zen.

War King Wind agreed and said, "That's right. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have been able to obtain so many Soul Cores, and we wouldn't have been able to take over these corpses." War King Wind occupied Federico's corpse, standing in the middle of the crowd like an iron tower, emitting a powerful, domineering aura.

Zen smiled and said, "I'll need all of your help in this secret land."

He looked towards the end of the cemetery. The Heavenly Stellar Secret Land was above these other three secret lands. It was the core of the Dragon Lineage Human.

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